You need a new shovel for that hole you're digging?
Sun Dec 30, 2018 16:12

Apparently the language barrier worked both ways, although Joey was quicker to figure out Gigi’s British-isms than she was to translate his Down Under slang. It wasn’t surprising, considering how little of Georgina’s speech her roomate Violet understood without requiring translation, but it was still jarring to use words and phrases she had used her whole life and then suddenly the people around her, speaking what they claimed was the same language, didn’t catch her drift. Joey followed the metaphorical current soon enough, and he didn’t exactly shriek his agreement that Fell was a gelatinous disappointment of patriotism and pedantry stuffed into a suit, but he did agree that the Deputy Head wasn’t the straight arrow the students required him to be. It fact, Joey didn’t seem to think much of Headmaster Morgan, either. Gigi was surprised by his confession: a reaction that probably showed on her face as she contemplated whether she had any strong feelings either way about their Headmaster. Georgina hadn’t interacted with him directly, and not even much from a distance - she only really saw the head honcho at feasts and other occasions he felt compelled to make speeches. He seemed cheerful but sort of inept. Perhaps ignorance was bliss?

When Joey nodded, Gigi laughed: apparently ‘terrifying’ was an apt descriptor for Professor Blair-West. Not that the Aquila was actually scared of teachers (or anything much: not snakes or spider, or ghosts, or clowns, or the dark, or going places on her own, or any of the usual stuff other people seemed to be scared of) because it was definitely not in their job description to harm their students, and Gigi had already experienced a couple of RMI detentions - for her clothes, or her tendency to forget homework assignments existed - so she knew they weren’t worth the trouble to avoid. Regardless, it would definitely be weird if she suddenly had to start taking classes from either of her parents. She was hoping they’d be there for her a thousand percent if she actually needed help with any school work - and believed they would do all they could to help her actually achieve something - but that was not the same as them literally being the class tutor. Joey’s aunt was the professor, not his parent, but still, it was close enough for Gigi to empathise how that would be weird. Also his aunt could be explosive, if Georgina had correctly interpreted Joey’s mime, which meant his aunt and her mother had something else in common besides teaching.

Now it was Gigi’s turn to nod. She fully intended to prank Fell - she wasn’t sure how yet, but she’d think of something - but she could live with not making this any clearer to Joey than she had done already. If (when) it happened, he could speculate and be in awe, but have nothing concrete to offer as evidence against her. Everyone won! Except Fell, the crotchety old coot.

“D'you think we can just make a single base and then div it up, save some time?” Joey suggested. Georgina’s face lit up as he offered to start chopping leeches.

“Absolutely,” she replied brightly. “Spectacular idea.” She grinned and thumped Joey lightly on the arm to show her appreciation. “Guess I’ll work on weighing out this Flitterbloom root,” she offered in turn. She wasn’t squeamish, but she still didn’t fancy handling the pus unless absolutely necessary.

  • Gigi's laughter didn't pass on any real sign of her opinion. Whether she agreed or not with his assessment of how foolishly rebellious it'd be to make the Deputy Headmaster puke slugs, she clearly... more
    • You need a new shovel for that hole you're digging? - Gigi, Sun Dec 30 16:12
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