I really don't think you should
Sun Dec 30, 2018 16:45

Kit seemed appeased by Jesseís answer that he was not allowed to use cuss words at home. He was not at home when he was at school, obviously, and so in the parent-less space that was the whole school, most especially the authority-figure-free space that was the dormitory he shared with Keith, when Jesse had nobody to answer to, he could, theoretically, use whatever words he liked. Kit did not point this out to him, however, and it would have been unnecessary for her to suspect him of using foul language, because it simply was not the reality: Jesse was not in the habit of swearing, and it would never really occur to him to start now. He didnít talk to many people most of the time anyway, only in class when they were partners, and to Keith sometimes, but not all the time, because it was insupportable to be talking to someone all the time, and anyway both Jesse and Keith liked to sit in silence sometimes, like when they were reading, for example. Or at least Jesse liked to sit in silence sometimes when he was reading, because he could focus more thoroughly on what he was reading, and not need to divide his attention between whatever he was reading and whomever desired his conversation at the given time - it should be noted here that Jesse was not adept at successfully dividing his concentration between two tasks, or indeed even focusing it completely on the correct task if something should distract him - and he could only infer the same was true of Keith because his roommate had never implied otherwise.

Jesse suspected that Kit was not prone to enjoying times of silence. She had barely stopped talking since they had unfortunately both ended up standing at Jesseís workstation, and the only time she had been quiet had been when she was waiting for him to speak, instead. She might not approve of cuss words, and therefore probably did not use many - or any - of them herself, but Kit still used far more words than was necessary, in Jesseís opinion. He might even be more open to working with her if she didnít keep talking, and if she stayed outside his personal space. She was still standing much too close now, but Jesse was torn between moving away from her to be more comfortable, and remaining resolutely in front of his own apparatus, set up on his workbench, where he had chosen to sit. Really she had no business just arriving here and taking over and telling him how he should talk, but Jesse had already told her he didnít want to work with her, and she was ignoring him. He wasnít sure what other steps he should take to prevent it.

Agreeing with Kit seemed like a good way to keep her off his case, so when she said that Ďwe need to put a stop to ití he didnít tell her that he wasnít Elliotís parent, or a teacher, or a prefect, or even an interfering distant elderly relative, and so he had no business at all in what Elliot said or did not say, or any of the other first years, for that matter, but he nodded his head. It wasnít like he was agreeing with her, or agreeing that he would help her stop anything, but he was just nodding to acknowledge what she was saying. He was sure it would be interpreted that way.

Knowing nothing at all about the Great Troll Defenestration of 1714, Jesse silently continued to slice his leeches in the hope that Kit would just leave him alone and go back to his workstation and not bother him about the first years any more. He didnít see it as any great trouble that one or two of them were using bad words, anyway. Jesse wasnít offended by bad language, even if it was being directed at him - Felix called him fat and stupid all the time as it was, and those words were hurtful enough without being cuss words - and maybe first years were just excited to be away from their parents and so were doing things they werenít allowed to do at home, the same way Jesse liked to jump on the furniture at his grandmotherís house because they were never allowed to jump on the furniture at home. ďMaybe the first years just need to get it out of their systems,Ē he said sagely, before remembering that he didnít want to talk to Kit. Inwardly he berated himself and very almost sliced his finger instead of a leech he was so annoyed with himself, but the blade had barely touched his skin, not even broken the top layer before Jesse hastily withdrew his digit from harm.

  • Let me focus my laserbeams - Kit, Tue Dec 18 11:14
    ďGood,Ē Kit said smugly. Jesse didnít swear at home, he didnít even say Ďshut upí which was totally something that Kit had said to Marissa before when she was mad. The sisters didnít fight very... more
    • I really don't think you should - Jesse, Sun Dec 30 16:45
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