In my mind yes!
Sun Apr 14, 2019 09:52

As DJ cried, Darlene came and put her hand on his back like his mom did when he was sad. He wasn't crying as hard now, and he wiped his eyes and nose on a piece of paper her had crumbled in his hands. When the tears abated Darlene bent down next to him.

She stated that he didn't have to apologize and that she didn't know what had happened last night. That was surprising hadn't Drew told her that he was obviously a predator? That's what Remy thought of him after all and now so did Leo, Claudia, and Drew. Shit kissing Remy was the biggest mistake of his young life.

"Well if your staying fair warning your boyfriend isn't going to like it. According to them, I'm a horrible person who forces himself on girls." DJ stated. If she was going to stay, she might want the warning.

"As for what happened last night it's a long story but starts with I kissed Remy a few days ago. She made me feel like an asshole for doing it instead of just telling me she was interested in Leo." DJ paused letting what he had said sink in.

"I'm am sorry for punching Leo. I was just jealous. It was a dumb mistake, and now I'm public enemy number one. Leo punching me that was fair play. Drew punched me because Remy made it sound like I forced her to kiss me but really I backed off the moment I realized she wasn't into it. I even apologized." DJ was fighting at holding back a second round of tears. His mother had drilled consent into his head since day one, and she would be so disappointed in her son right now and that killed the Draco. "I think Claudia bound me. I dunno if that was to make me an easier target, but it sure seemed like it." He had almost forgotten her involvement.

"What should have happened was it stayed between Leo Remy and myself, but of course this is the gossip capital of the world. Sorry I feel like I'm rambling. It's just nice that you aren't looking at me like a monster or yelling at me."

  • Is that the correct pluralization? - Darlene, Sat Apr 13 15:05
    Oh. Oh. Mother had always told Darlene that words were a very powerful force, almost like magic all of their own. One could steal kingdoms with the right kind of attitude and diction. Win or break... more
    • In my mind yes! - DJ, Sun Apr 14 09:52
      • Sounds good to me. - Darlene, Sat Apr 20 10:56
        “Well,” said Darlene with a half-smile, “as long as you don’t kiss me, I think it’ll be okay.” Comedy was not something she often attempted - although she did have a sense of humor, thank you very... more
        • Darlene's joke about him trying to kiss her caused DJ to snort and half laugh. Even though he was pissed at Drew DJ wouldn't have made a move on his (ex) buddy's girl. Plus DJ didn't know the fourth... more
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