Good because it sounds good to me too!
Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:01

Darlene's joke about him trying to kiss her caused DJ to snort and half laugh. Even though he was pissed at Drew DJ wouldn't have made a move on his (ex) buddy's girl. Plus DJ didn't know the fourth year too well and he liked to kiss girls he was actually into.

Darlene had listened to his full story without intrusion and that made her okay in his book. When the Lyra said he didn't think she was a monster and that he was little hot-headed he smiled and nodded agreeing with her. His dad was a lot like that and DJ knew he was like him just a little bit. When she told him to not beat himself up he nodded. When Darlene offered to be his friend he was surprised.

"A friend sounds nice." He stated surprisingly even himself. Who knew last night would end up kinda making him a friend. When Darlene stated that the school was rough DJ snorted. "Man the worst thing that ever happened at Wallowa was when someone charmed all the cauldrons to screech whenever you put an animal part in them. That was mostly funny though."

DJ ran a hand through his hair and looked at Darlene. "Thanks. I know your friends with Kit and I should probably send an I'm sorry for ruining your party gift got any ideas?"

  • Sounds good to me. - Darlene, Sat Apr 20 10:56
    “Well,” said Darlene with a half-smile, “as long as you don’t kiss me, I think it’ll be okay.” Comedy was not something she often attempted - although she did have a sense of humor, thank you very... more
    • Good because it sounds good to me too! - DJ, Sun Apr 21 12:01
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