Claudia Dubois [2nd year Cetus]
I do not disagree
Sun Feb 19, 2017 15:13

Whereas her first year had been about discovery, getting to know the building, the classes, her professors and peers, Claudia’s second year seemed to revolve around avoidance and acceptance; she had learned who to avoid, and tried her best to accept that there were some people (and things) she just had to live with. Like Professor Rasnick and Defense classes. The second year didn’t value the content of her DADA classes, and whilst she could be in awe of her professor’s achievements and admit that she was suitably qualified for the position, Claudia didn’t always enjoy being taught by a woman who had actually made her physically tremble on two previous occasions to date. It wasn’t that she thought she was easily scared - actually she found many of their lessons interesting before their content progressed to forming her nightmares - but the nature of the classes combined with Rasnick’s hands-on teaching style was a little hard for her to handle. She didn’t think she would be continuing with the class but unfortunately she still had to endure it for the rest of her second and all of her third year.

Claudia was always very well prepared for her classes. She read ahead further in the textbook than was recommended, sometimes supported with additional sources to aid her understanding. She also practised her spells between classes to remain competent in wandwork for the relevant classes, and DADA was certainly not exception. If anything, she focused more on this particular class because the risk of actually being attacked by a dark creature, fellow classmate, or other unforeseen threat. As such her grades were often among the top of the class, even considering she shared with third years, which made her enjoy the class marginally more but it definitely wasn’t one of her favourites. She still didn’t like its unpredictable nature.

Upon arrival at the practical lab she read the spells on the door and neurotically ran through each one of them three or four times in her head before the professor allowed them access into the class. By this point she had successfully managed to not bite her nails, but her prevention method had been to chew the inside of her lip instead, which was now bleeding, and digging what remained of the nails on both her hands into her palms, which were not bleeding but indented nonetheless. Holding her wand steady and taking regular deep breaths, the Cetus student entered the lab, at least thankful that they had been told the creature they would be facing, rather than having to find out that information for themselves. She was already feeling hopeless before the end of the short lecture, so she went immediately to one of the more knowledgeable students in the year above. She had not had much interaction with Wyatt Munro, but he had not yet made it onto her list of people to avoid, so he was a safe choice for academic assistance.

“Maybe we should try to flip them to see if they are rocks or Pogrebins!” Wyatt said.

Claudia’s first instinctive thought was that it was hopeless to even try, but even she could realise that was their effect on her coupled with her various inferiority anxieties. “That’s a good idea,” she replied, noting that it hurt a little to talk through the chewed inside of her mouth. “Can we use any of the approved spells to flip them?” Claudia asked instead.

  • I think that's a lie. - Wyatt Munro, Sun Feb 19 12:39
    Wyatt had enjoyed the week of lectures by Professor Ivy but he was not looking forward to putting the spells to work in a real life setting. He was a book learner, not a hands-on learner. Yet, he... more
    • I do not disagree - Claudia Dubois [2nd year Cetus], Sun Feb 19 15:13
      • That's a good thing. - Wyatt, Mon Feb 20 18:58
        Wyatt was happy to see that the person he had spoken to was Claudia Dubois, a fellow Ceti and contender for top marks in the class. This would be a good match in Wyatt’s mind. Claudia seemed to be... more
        • So is working with you, it seems - Claudia, Tue Feb 21 15:21
          Wyatt laughed at her. Claudia tried not to feel too indignant but she really didn't like being laughed at - it supported her neurosis that people were laughing at her. She couldn't argue her case... more
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