Joseph Blair
Spider dance, spider dance
Fri May 17, 2019 21:35

Standing in the lab today, toes tapping idly against one thong (he hadn’t felt like wearing socks today, which was an easier decision in general to follow at home, both cos dress codes and also weather - but his robes came to his ankles so at least his bare feet were mostly hidden which he’d told himself would be right), a thought came to him. Sort of a fuzzily disturbing one. If the thought had gone verbal he’d’a meant it in no way against his auntie, ‘course, and she wasn’t really the type to get cranky about favourites anyways, but Joey still wasn’t about to admit that outta all their classes Defense was officially as of right now his favourite. The subject was just one-hundo-pro the most fun. Their prof was chip all, and something about the chalkboard she brought round with her made the room feel extra homely, like there was a big floppy doggo pawing for attention in the corner.

...not that the chalkboard was floppy. That would’a been not so helpful for reading what got wrote up on it.

Currently what was wrote up on it was a word he couldn’t wrap his tongue over, which was a tadbit of an issue since the word was a spell and his assignment was to use it. The Australian boy was aware that he spoke differently from all the other students (although still not aware enough to tell how much, or why so, or when people like Gene weren’t just poking fun at him but actually confused and in need of some help they weren’t about to get any time soon). As far as he could tell, people might be better or worser at magic but their accents weren’t the part that changed how the spells worked. But he was sure that if he said the whole word wrong, it was gonna change things majorly. Some people, like his auntie, were able to do spells without saying anything at all, but that was a real skill; just saying the spell flat wrong would be a real mistake. It could well turn into some kinda explosion, and even if the lab was set up for fighting dueling, he didn’t think exploding it was the best idea.

The black-haired Draco waved down a fellow student with a literal hand-wave. “Oi, mind answering me how ya say that?” The hand-wave turned into a finger-point at Chalkie, and not five secs later his Asian-and-sun-browned cheeks flared red. That had been a blunt jab of a start. Whoops. “I mean, hi, how’s it been, let’s partner up, aight?” Pleasantries and politeness taken care of, Joey barrelled straight on, “But seriously, bloody how do ya say that? I keep readin’ tarantula. I mean I can read fine,” he felt the need to point out, “I ain’t challenged, but my face-” this part complete with a gesture at his mouth “-keeps doing the tarantula bit when I try sayin’ it to myself. And I’m guessing we’re not poofing up guard spiders in class today. So do you know how it’s said? I need some help, here.” Yes, he knew tarantulas and guard spiders were different species entirely, but the phrasing ‘guard spider’ felt fitting for a Defense class. As a sandbar, it occurred to him that there might indeed be some dueling magic involving spider summoning. Hmmmm. That might be helpful, anywhere except Straya - no one with a fear of leggy bugs could live on his home island and stay sane.

  • Let's Dance! [DADA Years 1-3] - Professor Cindra Embers, Mon May 6 15:30
    It was time for some nonsense. They’d hit the first semester drag - the point in the school year where magic no longer held any novelty for the first years and everyone wanted to go home for the... more
    • I need help (Tag Professor Embers) - Amelia Rosette, Tue May 28 01:53
      Amelia was leaning against the wall, looking very lonely. She was paying attention but now she forgot what exactly what to do. By the time she finally remembered, everyone had a partner already. So... more
      • Maybe I can be of assistance - Grace Ann Morris, Tue May 28 17:55
        Grace Ann Morris did not like Defense Against the Dark Arts one bit. It wasn’t Professor Embers’ fault, because she was completely marvelous, and so knowledgeable and kind and cheerful. She was, in... more
        • Thanks Grace Ann! - Amelia Rosette, Tue May 28 20:17
          Amelia stands next to Professor Embers until she heard someone greet her."Hi Amelia,” she said, “I don’t have a partner either. Let’s work together.” Amelia turns around and sees a familiar face. "Hi ... more
          • No need to thank me - Grace Ann, Sun Jun 2 11:43
            Amelia was sweet, but Grace Ann felt the younger girl had missed her point entirely. It didn’t matter whether the dances were silly or nice: the spell still seemed like a waste of time for them to... more
            • Dance or not to dance - Amelia, Fri Jun 7 17:34
              Amelia concentrated on the spell that she was about to say. " Protego,protego," she thought as she tried her hardest to remember. She had her wand (10 inches long, has one phoenix feather and great... more
    • Spider dance, spider dance - Joseph Blair, Fri May 17 21:35
      • Does whatever a spider dance can! - Deagret Wyckland, Fri May 17 22:18
        Well, this was certainly a doozy of a spell. Deagret was looking up at the professor, blinking as she tried her best to repeat the word she had pronounced once. Tear-an? No, it couldn't be.... more
        • Taps some legs, does a hop! - Joey, Mon May 20 15:06
          "Right as, we can be stumped together," Joey affirmed, pleased to hear that the younger girl was on the same page as him. Er well, same book, not same page, he corrected himself as he watched her... more
    • Dueling is marginally preferable to dancing - Jesse Keller, Sat May 11 15:18
      Jesse wasn’t especially good at Defense Against the Dark Arts classes. Actually he wasn’t especially good at any of his classes, but the ones that relied heavily on practical application of magical... more
      • What’s wrong with dancing? - Elliot Phippen, Mon May 13 23:53
        Most Defense classes took place in the practical lab, but that didn’t mean the beginners students did practical work every class. Sometimes the desks were set up in rows for a lecture, or a quiz,... more
        • Nothing, when you can do it - Jesse, Sun May 19 16:34
          Jesse had tried to learn the names of all of the younger students, not because he thought it would be especially helpful - although it occurred to him that was an obvious benefit to the exercise -... more
          • Just dance like no one is watching - Elliot, Tue May 21 21:41
            Elliot didn’t expect much of an argument from Jesse on this. Not that Jesse was a pushover (maybe he was. Elliot just didn’t know him well enough to guess either way. He was a third year and he’d... more
            • Elliot didn’t argue when Jesse pointed out that they wouldn’t be following the instructions if they did as he proposed. Not that Jesse expected argument against the statement of fact, because it was... more
              • What makes a dancer? - Elliot, Mon May 27 15:37
                Huh. Was Jesse… fun? All of Elliot’s friends at RMI were fun, obv, but none of them liked video games and stuff as much as he did. Sadie and Tycho would play with him if he insisted but he was pretty ... more
                • Elliot started dancing, or at least moving in a way that was more closely akin to dancing than to any other form of movement Jesse could currently bring to mind. It wasn’t like the dancing that Felix ... more
    • Someone got lucky - Georgina Philpott, Tue May 7 11:58
      Gigi was feeling cute that morning so she put on a short blue denim skirt with black and red love heart patches on the rear pockets, a button up red blouse and knee-high white socks with black love... more
      • I think it was you - Sadie Embers, Wed May 15 16:22
        Sadie came straight from the Outdoor Classroom when she realized she might be late for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Time got away from her. Whenever she felt particularly annoyed or claustrophobic... more
        • The pleasure's all yours - Georgina, Sun May 19 15:07
          Georgina remembered back in first year when she’d identified tech nerd, teacher’s pet and the sticky kid as the in crowd, based on two solid factors: the first was that Elliot’s mom happened to own... more
          • We're all lucky! - Sadie, Sun May 19 23:37
            Sadie always appreciated Gigi’s outfits. The Cetus herself tended to wear joggers, tank tops, t-shirts, leggings, and, above all else, really cool sneakers. She had dresses for fancy stuff, like what ... more
            • Maybe there’s Felix in the water - Gigi, Mon May 20 07:56
              “Okay, so maybe you’re bad at shield charms,” Sadie accepted. In fairness to both of them, Gigi wasn’t always bad at shield charms: she was as likely to cast a good one as nothing at all. It was... more
              • Or maybe I'm not even drinking water - Sadie, Sun May 26 02:31
                Sadie really meant to hang out with Gigi more. The second year almost felt guilty for sticking to her group. It wasn’t her fault that she and Elliot and Tycho were friends from before going to Rocky... more
                • Share - Gigi, Mon May 27 14:45
                  Georgina bit her lip. Would this jinx bring Sadie out in a weird purple rash, or cause whiskers to sprout from her chin, or turn her fingers into jelly snakes, or… oh no, it would make her dance like ... more
                  • What's the magic word? - Sadie, Tue Jun 4 13:21
                    Gigi’s laughter started, and that only made Sadie’s laughter worse. What a stupid spell. It was delightful and clearly only existed to embarrass slash humiliate people. She wondered if there was a... more
                    • Sadie laughing just made Gigi laugh more. She’d bet a pretty penny her partner was suffering the same quandary. It was a vicious cycle. Maybe the laughing didn’t help with spellcasting, either, but... more
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