The pleasure's all yours
Sun May 19, 2019 15:07

Georgina remembered back in first year when she’d identified tech nerd, teacher’s pet and the sticky kid as the in crowd, based on two solid factors: the first was that Elliot’s mom happened to own and run a nightclub in New York, which still, painfully, put the nerd at the top of the list of cool. The second was that the first years all knew each other, so Sadie and Tycho were just roped into being popular by association. However. Second year held new rules. There had now been plenty of time to establish who was really who, and to sort the weird kids (Vivica, Grayson, Eugene) from those who were actually cool. Sadie Embers still seemed, somehow, to be in that second category.

Now, historically, Gigi did not befriend the cool kids. She had a lifelong tendency to fight for the underdog, to collect the weirdos: the geeks, nerds, those with no emotional control, and anyone who was statistically more likely to actually be a nice person and not a vapid clone hell bent on popularity. So it was weird that she had somehow made friends with the person who might actually be the coolest (and by that she meant least lame, funny-looking, odd-accented, strange-fetished, annoying) individual in the whole of the second year group. She was also willing to drop Sadie’s original nickname (after all, it was hardly fair to identify one kid as having an aunt on staff and not the other) in favour of the more personal Foot Bling.

Although today, the partner Gigi had spontaneously selected was just wearing converse. Disappointing. Also disappointing was the other girl’s much more sensible outfit. Even if Sadie was turned upside down by whatever it was this unknown spell did, her knickers weren’t going to be on display for the whole beginner class to ogle. Smart move. “Shield charms aren’t that hard,” Sadie grinned as Gigi guided them both into a clear space in the lab. “As if I’m gonna fall for that.”

Georgina first thought she should act insulted that Sadie completely dismissed her claim to suck at shield charms, but then couldn’t think of a decent comeback within .02 seconds and after that it just felt like too much effort. “I guarantee I’ll be doing the falling,” Gigi maintained instead, unlinking her arm to step back from feet-with-no-bling, making enough space for a mini duel. “Which, like I said, is gonna be terrible for me.” She used her left hand (her wand was in her right) to execute a dramatic, sweeping gesture at the denim skirt that finished not quite halfway down her thighs. There was no way she was getting through this lesson without some poor soul getting an eyeful of black femme boxers. Could be worse. At least she hadn’t picked today to wear a thong.

“I don’t even know what this spell does,” she admitted to Sadie. “Have you got a clue? Or should one of us just cast it to find out? I vote me for that, by the way.”

  • I think it was you - Sadie Embers, Wed May 15 16:22
    Sadie came straight from the Outdoor Classroom when she realized she might be late for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Time got away from her. Whenever she felt particularly annoyed or claustrophobic... more
    • The pleasure's all yours - Georgina, Sun May 19 15:07
      • We're all lucky! - Sadie, Sun May 19 23:37
        Sadie always appreciated Gigi’s outfits. The Cetus herself tended to wear joggers, tank tops, t-shirts, leggings, and, above all else, really cool sneakers. She had dresses for fancy stuff, like what ... more
        • Maybe there’s Felix in the water - Gigi, Mon May 20 07:56
          “Okay, so maybe you’re bad at shield charms,” Sadie accepted. In fairness to both of them, Gigi wasn’t always bad at shield charms: she was as likely to cast a good one as nothing at all. It was... more
          • Or maybe I'm not even drinking water - Sadie, Sun May 26 02:31
            Sadie really meant to hang out with Gigi more. The second year almost felt guilty for sticking to her group. It wasn’t her fault that she and Elliot and Tycho were friends from before going to Rocky... more
            • Share - Gigi, Mon May 27 14:45
              Georgina bit her lip. Would this jinx bring Sadie out in a weird purple rash, or cause whiskers to sprout from her chin, or turn her fingers into jelly snakes, or… oh no, it would make her dance like ... more
              • What's the magic word? - Sadie, Tue Jun 4 13:21
                Gigi’s laughter started, and that only made Sadie’s laughter worse. What a stupid spell. It was delightful and clearly only existed to embarrass slash humiliate people. She wondered if there was a... more
                • Sadie laughing just made Gigi laugh more. She’d bet a pretty penny her partner was suffering the same quandary. It was a vicious cycle. Maybe the laughing didn’t help with spellcasting, either, but... more
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