Nothing, when you can do it
Sun May 19, 2019 16:34

Jesse had tried to learn the names of all of the younger students, not because he thought it would be especially helpful - although it occurred to him that was an obvious benefit to the exercise - but because predicting names that would be called next in the register became too easy after the first couple of weeks of classes, so then Jesse needed some other task to complete during registration, and he’d decided to match the names with the faces of his classmates. So even those he was unlikely to ever spend much time with had a name memorized to attribute to their physical features. Even without this having occurred, however, Jesse thought he might remember some people, and Elliot Phippen was one of them. Mostly because Kit Kendrick hated him or hated him but then didn’t, or something, and Jesse had no idea what went on in Kit’s mind at any given moment - or, more accurately, he had many ideas, each equally as plausible and impossible as the next; you could just never tell without someone as illogical and unpredictable as Kit Kendrick - but someone who aggravated her was sure to be trouble. Then again, there seemed to be lots of trouble with all the students just recently, and Jesse had seen for himself some of the unscrupulous shenanigans that occurred when he was far enough removed from his good sense to try attending a party. Never again.

So it was that Jesse decided holding Kit against Elliot was not strictly fair or reasonable, and as such working with him in class was in no way objectionable in a manner that was easily predictable. It was therefore satisfying that Elliot consented to work with Jesse, and the Draco did not have to continue his search for a partner any longer. It was one of his more successful attempts at selecting his class colleague. He noted that he might ask Elliot again in future if his answer was prone to the affirmative.

“Do you know this spell?” Elliot asked. Jesse did not know the spell, but did not have an opportunity to mention this directly, as Elliot continued, “‘Cause I don’t, so if you don’t either, we should test it before we do it with our shields up.”

Two things about this struck Jesse. The first was Elliot’s use of the word ‘should’ that indicated a correct method of procedure. Jesse agreed that one method of identifying the spell would be to cast it, but they could also look it up in their textbooks, or simply ask the professor what the spell was. Besides, this suggestion was not what the professor instructed, which was that one of them should cast the shield charm, and the other the spell written on the chalkboard. To have one of them only casting a spell was not following the instructions and, as a rare occurrence, Jesse had listened to, heard, understood and retained the instructions in his memory, so he was reticent to follow some other course.

The second thought Jesse had on hearing Elliot’s suggestion was the way he described having the shield charm in place reminded Jesse of sci-fi ships with shield deflectors. His family had a TV at home but they hardly ever used it because Mom and Dad said witches and wizards didn’t have TVs, and when they did let their children watch it, Jesse and Felix - and even Lola, as she got older - squabbled over what they wanted to watch until Mom or Dad lost their temper and switched the screen off again. So Jesse had never even watched a single episode of Star Trek or Stargate or other Star-titled shows but he read lots of illustrated stories based on the series. It made the prospect of using a protego charm more appealing, anyway.

“I don’t know what the spell does,” Jesse elected to answer the initial question before either of them became too confused with extraneous detail. “We could do as you suggested and cast the spell without the shie- without our shields up,” he amended, finding internal enjoyment at borrowing the turn of phrase to use himself, without any external indicators of mirth - but then we would not be following the professor’s instructions.” He shrugged. And only then did he smile. “Shields up,” Jesse repeated. “I like that, that’s funny.”

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    • Nothing, when you can do it - Jesse, Sun May 19 16:34
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