Maybe there’s Felix in the water
Mon May 20, 2019 07:56

“Okay, so maybe you’re bad at shield charms,” Sadie accepted. In fairness to both of them, Gigi wasn’t always bad at shield charms: she was as likely to cast a good one as nothing at all. It was totally unpredictable whether the spell would work for her or not, and that’s why she sucked. It was better for her opponent to go easy on her and the shield spell work, than for her partner to send a strong jinx and have nothing happen to defend her. Better from Gigi’s perspective, at any rate.

Sadie continued, “but at least you’re pretty.” Sure, she was totally susceptible to flattery when it didn’t come from a creep. Georgina twirled on the spot, pleased that someone else noticed how damn cute she was that morning.

“Guilty as charged.” She didn’t regret wearing the skirt, but her limited humility would be thankful if next time she thought to throw on leggings, too. Never mind. Best she could hope for was that her shield charms worked, she did not end up with her butt in the air, and if that second thing did happen, that maybe everyone else in class happened to be looking the other way when it did. Plus side: no mobile phones meant no cameras, which meant any disaster could not be recorded and shared again and again for all eternity. Magic school had so many pros.

Her partner was happy for Georgina to cast the spell so they could find out what it did. “Oh, I’m happy and excited, believe me,” Gigi chuckled. Then, when Sadie declared she was ready, Gigi raised her wand. “Tara-” she started, then abruptly cut herself off. “Hang on, what was it?” The Aquila checked the novelty floating chalkboard and practised the word to herself a couple of times.

“Okay, take two,” she grinned at Sadie. Raising her wand for the second time, Gigi joyfully cast the required spell, eager to see what happened to her target on impact.

  • We're all lucky! - Sadie, Sun May 19 23:37
    Sadie always appreciated Gigi’s outfits. The Cetus herself tended to wear joggers, tank tops, t-shirts, leggings, and, above all else, really cool sneakers. She had dresses for fancy stuff, like what ... more
    • Maybe there’s Felix in the water - Gigi, Mon May 20 07:56
      • Or maybe I'm not even drinking water - Sadie, Sun May 26 02:31
        Sadie really meant to hang out with Gigi more. The second year almost felt guilty for sticking to her group. It wasn’t her fault that she and Elliot and Tycho were friends from before going to Rocky... more
        • Share - Gigi, Mon May 27 14:45
          Georgina bit her lip. Would this jinx bring Sadie out in a weird purple rash, or cause whiskers to sprout from her chin, or turn her fingers into jelly snakes, or… oh no, it would make her dance like ... more
          • What's the magic word? - Sadie, Tue Jun 4 13:21
            Gigi’s laughter started, and that only made Sadie’s laughter worse. What a stupid spell. It was delightful and clearly only existed to embarrass slash humiliate people. She wondered if there was a... more
            • Sadie laughing just made Gigi laugh more. She’d bet a pretty penny her partner was suffering the same quandary. It was a vicious cycle. Maybe the laughing didn’t help with spellcasting, either, but... more
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