Remington Burnham (Draco 1st Year)
You might not be, but my anxiety is.
Sun Feb 19, 2017 16:23

Remington forgot they were going to be in the practical lab today.

For some reason, she thought they had one more day of practice, and that led her to the lecture hall at first. She always arrived to her classes early, so it wasn’t surprising to be the first one there. Time passed, though, and Remington quickly realized that being alone was starting to get weird. When class was five minutes away from starting, the almost twelve year old took out her planner and flipped through the days.

Shitake mushrooms. The usually organized Draco couldn’t believe it; she went to the wrong classroom. And she was not at all dressed for a day in the practical lab. Under her gray robes was a really cute blue and green polka dot skirt, a light blue long sleeved top, and black flats. She tried to wear bright colors to offset how grey and dull the required robes were. She should have worn something meant for movement instead, though.

Remington walked as fast as she could down the halls to make it to the practical lab. She could have made it on time if she was wearing sneakers, but if she moved too fast, she’d step right out of her flats. She couldn’t be sure, but it was likely that when her parents went Christmas shopping, they bought her new clothes and shoes that were slightly too big. Remington suspected they did that so she wouldn’t grow out of anything while away at Rocky Mountain International, but would grow into them instead. It was smart, and she valued that, but right now it was just terribly inconvenient.

So she shuffled along until she made it. She stayed in the back of the crowd. She barely caught the end of Professor Rasnick’s speech, so now she was late and she had no idea what was going on. Remington considered herself a rather easy going child, but being late to class was enough to get her anxiety up. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t ask her professor for help, because she was too embarrassed about her mix up. Professor Rasnick had probably reminded them enough times that they’d be in the practical lab today; she didn’t want the professor to have any reason to think of her as stupid. Remington was a lot of things, but stupid wasn’t one of them.

After a moment of silent panic, she reached out a hand and tugged on the sleeve of a passerby’s robes. She allowed herself a moment of pride when she didn’t feel a blush creep across her dark skin. Good, confidence, keep it up. Her bushy brown hair was still pulled back, held into place by her bow. It was made of shiny blue and green ribbons, with a dreamcatcher in the middle, and was roughly the size of an apple. Her dad made it for her and gave it to her on New Year’s. She was thankful that the bows worked so well; otherwise, she might look as crazed as she currently felt, with hair sticking out in all sorts of directions.

“So, I went to the wrong classroom, and I had to rush here. I have no idea what’s going on. Did you catch Professor Rasnick’s instructions?” She stared at the sleeve instead of turning her brown eyes to the other student’s face. She’d wait to hear what they said, and how they said it, before deciding whether or not she was screwed. God, Remington hated being late to things. It made her a mess.

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    • You might not be, but my anxiety is. - Remington Burnham (Draco 1st Year), Sun Feb 19 16:23
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