What makes a dancer?
Mon May 27, 2019 15:37

Huh. Was Jesse… fun?

All of Elliot’s friends at RMI were fun, obv, but none of them liked video games and stuff as much as he did. Sadie and Tycho would play with him if he insisted but he was pretty sure they were basically just humoring him. Gigi mocked him pretty much any time he talked about something she considered nerdy, which included anything related to gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, and cult movies and tv shows. Eugene didn’t make fun of him but he also didn’t know a lot of the media Elliot liked. Grayson had Portal references, so there was that. But maybe Jesse also liked nerd shit? That could be fun.

Plus Jesse was old enough to go to Pearl Street, which Elliot couldn’t do until next year. That could be extra fun. Sometimes Elliot felt so starved for pop culture at RMI that it was like he was an astronaut on a mission somewhere super far away, where he couldn’t get news until months after it stopped being relevant. How many memes would have their full run—from creation to corporations using their to connect with the youths—between September and December? Way too many, was the answer. Not that Jesse was going to check the internet for Elliot, but he might feel a little less stir-crazy having a friend who could go outside.

Anyway the spell nailed Elliot because he hadn’t put up any kind of a shield. He braced himself for whatever weird jinx Professor Embers had come up with today. Suddenly Elliot was dancing. He was not an especially talented dancer at the best of times, but he wasn’t bad. When he was younger he took classes at Aunt Chris’ dance studio. He’d liked tap because it was loud and involved a lot of jumping, but he wasn’t interested enough to keep doing it more than a few years. He’d also seen enough of the awkward shuffle that white guys did in clubs at Peregrine that he could do that. And he was pretty damn good at DDR, although that wasn’t real dancing at all.

But this wasn’t like any of those kinds of dances; his legs were just going crazy. It was a little like Irish dancing, in the sense that Elliot’s arms had nothing to do with what his legs were doing, like he was a marionette and someone else was controlling the strings, and the dance was fast and a little jumpy.

He stared down in amazement for a couple of seconds before looking back up at Jesse. “This is so cool!” Elliot could already see the practical implications of this spell, and 100% of them were messing with people. Especially Ari. Oh em gee it would be so fun to use this spell on Ari. “Are you doing it on purpose or is it just going? Can you make it be a different dance?”

  • Elliot didn’t argue when Jesse pointed out that they wouldn’t be following the instructions if they did as he proposed. Not that Jesse expected argument against the statement of fact, because it was... more
    • What makes a dancer? - Elliot, Mon May 27 15:37
      • Elliot started dancing, or at least moving in a way that was more closely akin to dancing than to any other form of movement Jesse could currently bring to mind. It wasn’t like the dancing that Felix ... more
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