Grace Ann Morris
Maybe I can be of assistance
Tue May 28, 2019 17:55

Grace Ann Morris did not like Defense Against the Dark Arts one bit.

It wasn’t Professor Embers’ fault, because she was completely marvelous, and so knowledgeable and kind and cheerful. She was, in Grace Ann’s opinion, precisely the sort of person who should become a teacher, and Grace Ann rather suspected she had either done mission trips or would love going on a mission trip. Perhaps after class, Grace Ann would tell her about the Morrises’ upcoming plans. Over the winter break they were doing a one-week trip to Puerto Rico, helping them deal with damage from a recent hurricane. Mom and Dad hadn’t settled on summer plans just yet, but their most recent letter to Grace Ann said they were debating between building schools in Zambia or going back to Ethiopia, so her brother Matthias James could visit the country he’d been adopted from. Grace Ann was sure Professor Embers would be impressed and interested in that.

No, disliking Defense Against the Dark Arts had nothing to do with Professor Embers. It was just that Grace Ann did not see how they could use a lot of the spells they learned in this class. Most of them were kind of mean—spells that knocked people down or paralyzed them or things of that kind. She liked the shield charms a little bit, but it seemed to Grace Ann that the only reason they needed shield charms was to protect people from the nasty spells. Why teach those spells? Why had someone invented them at all? You couldn’t do any good with them. It seemed like an utter waste of the heavenly gift of magic.

So Grace Ann was frustrated with being asked to do a spell without any instruction about its effects. It seemed irresponsible to cast a spell when you didn’t know what it did. And then everyone around her paired off quickly, leaving Grace Ann without a partner. At least she was able to observe, as she searched for another unpaired student, the effect of tarantallegra: it appeared to make people dance.

Well. What a useless spell.

As it became clear to Grace Ann that no one else was left without a partner, she decided to approach Professor Embers. Surely she had a plan for this situation. When she arrived, she saw that one of the first-years had approached her. Alone. Perfect! Grace straightened her floral headband, which held her chin-length black hair neatly in place, and strode over.

“Hi Amelia,” she said, “I don’t have a partner either. Let’s work together.” She was sure they had met in a class before and that the other girl would know her name; after all, RMI was a small school, and they had all their classes together. Once Professor Embers was out of earshot, Grace Ann huffed, “This isn’t a very useful spell. But at least we get to practice our shield charms. I just don’t see the point of a spell that makes people dance, you know?”

[OOC: Hi Amelia! Professor Embers gave me permission to respond to you. This post is written by Sophia. All godmodding approved.]

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    • Maybe I can be of assistance - Grace Ann Morris, Tue May 28 17:55
      • Thanks Grace Ann! - Amelia Rosette, Tue May 28 20:17
        Amelia stands next to Professor Embers until she heard someone greet her."Hi Amelia,” she said, “I don’t have a partner either. Let’s work together.” Amelia turns around and sees a familiar face. "Hi ... more
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