Amelia Rosette
Thanks Grace Ann!
Tue May 28, 2019 20:17

Amelia stands next to Professor Embers until she heard someone greet her."Hi Amelia,Ē she said, ďI donít have a partner either. Letís work together.Ē Amelia turns around and sees a familiar face. "Hi Grace Ann." Amelia greeted. She walked with Grace Ann to a spot in the classroom that is not as crowded as others."This isnít a very useful spell. But at least we get to practice our shield charms. I just donít see the point of a spell that makes people dance, you know?Ē

"Yeah that is true but it is kinda funny as well. Some of the dances people do is actually nice while others are pretty silly. I think my pineapple is still dancing with the pencil." Amelia responded and turned around. She looked at the pineapple twirling the pencil around in a circle then dipping it."Yup!"

Amelia pulls out her wand and a hair tye. She ties her red hair into a ponytail." You might be lucky because I'm not very good at shield charms. I do them good at times but not as good as I play quidditch." Amelia stands with a wild gleam in her jade eyes and says with a smile," Give me your best shot Grace Ann!"

  • Maybe I can be of assistance - Grace Ann Morris, Tue May 28 17:55
    Grace Ann Morris did not like Defense Against the Dark Arts one bit. It wasnít Professor Embersí fault, because she was completely marvelous, and so knowledgeable and kind and cheerful. She was, in... more
    • Thanks Grace Ann! - Amelia Rosette, Tue May 28 20:17
      • No need to thank me - Grace Ann, Sun Jun 2 11:43
        Amelia was sweet, but Grace Ann felt the younger girl had missed her point entirely. It didnít matter whether the dances were silly or nice: the spell still seemed like a waste of time for them to... more
        • Dance or not to dance - Amelia, Fri Jun 7 17:34
          Amelia concentrated on the spell that she was about to say. " Protego,protego," she thought as she tried her hardest to remember. She had her wand (10 inches long, has one phoenix feather and great... more
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