What's the magic word?
Tue Jun 4, 2019 13:21

Gigi’s laughter started, and that only made Sadie’s laughter worse. What a stupid spell. It was delightful and clearly only existed to embarrass slash humiliate people. She wondered if there was a darker aspect to the spell that Aunt Cindra hadn’t told them about. It was doubtful that their Defense Against the Dark Arts professor would have them cast spells on each other that emulated the real ending of Snow White, but stories had to come from somewhere! Maybe there had been enchanted red hot shoes that made the evil queen dance till she died. Or, perhaps, she’d spontaneously combust if she kept dancing, like in that weird singing vampire show Elliot’s family watched sometimes.

Aunt Cindra probably wouldn’t let them dance until they died. ...if she knew about the hypothetical side effect.

Ah well.

“I know it’s pineappling hilarious,” Sadie agreed over her laughter. Sometimes when she laughed this much, laughed this hard, she accidentally snorted. She refused to let that happen now. Gigi would not get the opportunity to make fun of her for that. She had enough ammunition already.

Gigi looped an arm through Sadie’s again and instructed, “Do me,” and the Cetus was still laughing too hard to make a joke at her phrasing. Her arms weren’t flailing like her legs, but the constant movement made it hard to aim, even with Gigi literally attached to her.

Tarantallegra -- shit.” Her first attempt missed and hit a nearby chair, which started to pirouette. Her next attempt was foiled by her legs deciding it was time to jump, and she narrowly missed the back of Jarrett Skahill’s head. Too bad, she would have loved to hear him tell the story of how he almost tragically met his end in class that day.

“Okay, third time’s the charm,” Sadie said with determination. Catching a window in her spastic movement, she cast the spell again, this time hitting Gigi properly. “Hold on!!”

  • Share - Gigi, Mon May 27 14:45
    Georgina bit her lip. Would this jinx bring Sadie out in a weird purple rash, or cause whiskers to sprout from her chin, or turn her fingers into jelly snakes, or… oh no, it would make her dance like ... more
    • What's the magic word? - Sadie, Tue Jun 4 13:21
      • Sadie laughing just made Gigi laugh more. She’d bet a pretty penny her partner was suffering the same quandary. It was a vicious cycle. Maybe the laughing didn’t help with spellcasting, either, but... more
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