So is working with you, it seems
Tue Feb 21, 2017 15:21

Wyatt laughed at her. Claudia tried not to feel too indignant but she really didn't like being laughed at - it supported her neurosis that people were laughing at her. She couldn't argue her case with counter-logic when it was supported by quantifiable evidence. She dug her nails into her palms.

Fortuitously, the older student quickly explained that he had been intending to flip the rocks-or-pogrebins by hand, redirecting Claudia's disgust from herself onto the dark creatures. She wrinkled her nose - surely Wyatt didn't expect her to touch them? Again, she didn't think she was especially squeamish - she didn't have any trouble preparing potions ingredients of any variety, and she didn't have any problems dealing with blood - but she didn't like the idea of touching a dark creature, and she didn't think that was unreasonable.

“I guess best case scenario here Claudia is for me to flip the rock and if it tries to devour me you send a stunning spell at it.” Wyatt suggested. Claudia allowed him the informality of not addressing her as Miss Dubois because so few people cared about propriety these days. Claudia cared, but she knew she was in the minority so she was willing to concede to suit society. She also appreciated that Wyatt offered to touch the potential pogrebins - perhaps he picked up on her discomfort at the plan? - and had sufficient belief in her abilities that he would trust her to stun a creature before it harmed him; his use of the word devour bothered her.

“Okay,” she conceded, sounding less deflated that she would have if he hadn't just pseudo-complemented her skill.

Her wand hand was feeling a little moist and warm, but that quite often happened when she was anxious, and she had done really well not to bite her nails at all during the class so far. It was a bit distracting, as she could barely think about anything else when the compulsion overtook her, so on the one hand - so to speak - not biting her nails was a laudable success, but on the other, she now had a sore mouth, crescent-shaped imprints in her palms, and a less than satisfactory grip on her wand. She was considering mentioning this to Wyatt, as he was relying on her to save him from the pogrebins, when she noticed that he was looking up at her, and walking towards her. She fought the urge to retreat, and stood her ground as he asked her about cheering charms. She was confused for a split second before the implications of his question became clear, and Claudia knew her cheeks must be tinged a little pink with humiliation. A cheering charm was obviously the first thing she should have cast upon entering the lab - she had even been practising it whilst waiting for the door to open!

Resisting the urge to wallow in self pity and idiocy, she took as deep a breath as she could manage without it being too obvious that she was struggling to retain a hold of the situation. Defiantly, she smiled back at Wyatt. “Thank you,” she agreed to his suggestion, brushing her blonde ponytail back off her shoulder, where it had fallen forward at some point when her head had been lowered. “I think that would be helpful.” At this point she didn’t think she would manage to hold her wand correctly, let alone cast a successful charm with it.

  • That's a good thing. - Wyatt, Mon Feb 20 18:58
    Wyatt was happy to see that the person he had spoken to was Claudia Dubois, a fellow Ceti and contender for top marks in the class. This would be a good match in Wyatt’s mind. Claudia seemed to be... more
    • So is working with you, it seems - Claudia, Tue Feb 21 15:21
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