Alistair Hazelhurst (Cetus, 1st Year)
I've got anxiety, it's multiplying.
Wed Feb 22, 2017 12:48

The first week back in class had been relatively uneventful for the young boy from Mississippi. His continued research into potions and the art of creating them had been rather inspiring, and even as he tried to find areas of the school that he could practice making them when no one was around, he still had to find time to practice the spells that Professor Rasnick had assigned to them for their Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

Most of them were spells that he recognized from the Beginner's Book of Spells, but he hadn't actually taken time to work on them until a few days prior to the practical lab. Most of them were relatively easy to get a hold on, but the one that was causing him a touch of trouble was the Bat-Bogey Hex. Even as he knew the incantation, it just wasn't coming out quite the way he expected it to. The green energy that his wand produced just made the target dummies that he had found in the practice lab just rattled when he used the spell.

In between his time practicing for the lab, he spent time pouring over the next book of spells for second years to practice, and found a few interesting ones that he considered sneaking in to the class. One was Incendio, although he was sure that starting a fire (on purpose) might cause a touch of a scene in their classroom. Another one was the Cutting Charm, which he also knew could be deadly if he wasn't in complete control of the spell.

It was entertaining to see the practice dummies go up in flames, although he was quick to try and put them out with the Water Charm before it spread outside of them. Diffindo was easier to cast, but he didn't feel like he necessarily had the force or will to use the spell. He followed the instructions in the text to the letter, but it still felt like it lacked the oomph that he thought should accompany it.

As the practical lab arrived, Al braced himself for whatever it was that Professor Rasnick was going to present them with. The explanation of the little creatures, Pogrebins, left him concerned for the danger which they were taking on. In the back of his mind, he wondered how long his mother would last in a room with a few of these, considering that over the break he hadn't even been allowed to speak with her.

As Professor Rasnick finished the instructions, Al felt the tug of a hand on his left arm robe sleeve. He turned and saw a girl about his age with bushy brown hair that was set in place with a blue and green ribbon. As he glanced over her quickly, he wondered if he should have dressed up for class, as he was simply wearing a pair of old jeans, sneakers, and a blue hoodie that was slightly too big for him.

After listening to her question, Al nodded and gave her a small smile. "It's quite alright Miss. We're supposed to be hunting these little...Progemlin guys?" Al wasn't actually sure if that was what they were called, but he was still unsure on what exactly they were. "We're technically only allowed to use those spells she put up for us to work on this week."

Al suddenly felt a weird tug in the back of his head as something rather sad started hanging over him. "I reckon we need to start looking for them soon. They're supposed to eat your happy feelings or something..." He felt his hand wrap around his wand as he nervously stared around the classroom. "Sooner rather than later..."

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    • I've got anxiety, it's multiplying. - Alistair Hazelhurst (Cetus, 1st Year), Wed Feb 22 12:48
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