And I'm losing control
Sat Feb 25, 2017 16:45

Remington looked up, vaguely recognizing the voice. She couldn’t quite place the name, but she knew he was a first year like her. She flipped through her brain and tried to figure out who exactly she was talking to. The only student she knew who had a slight, southern-like accent was one of Dade’s roommates. Dade complained about his roommates a lot, so the details got pretty muddled. She remembered him specifically complaining about one of his roommates having a slight dialect and a “bless your heart-ness” about him. Since they were the same age and he addressed her as “Miss,” Remington could easily assume that this was that roommate.

His name still escaped her.

She nodded at his answer, feeling a little better about class now. It was a practical using the spells they’d worked on all week. She could do that. She felt like she’d mastered all of the spells, except for Alarte Ascendare. She wasn’t sure what the deal was with that one. Either she was saying it wrong, or she hadn’t mastered the movement behind the spell yet. Whatever it was, Remington knew it was just a matter of time. She’d master it eventually.

The Draco took a second to dissect the other student’s response. “Progemlin? What- oh, Pogrebins. They’re from Russia, and they like to make you feel hopeless inside. Kind of like the Russian Winnie the Pooh. Well not really, I actually like that; it’s more like how American Winnie the Pooh makes me feel,” Remington described. Her mom, before Remington was in Kindergarten, took their family to Russia for a six month long study on some Muggle anthropology thing. Remington didn’t remember what her mom was studying, but she did remember Russian Winnie the Pooh. This resulted in Remington being very confused when she returned to America and saw their version of Winnie the Pooh. It was so bright and colorful and…Disney. She preferred Russian Winnie the Pooh.

“Sorry, my point is, we need to cast a cheering charm before we can continue with the assignment,” she quickly pulled out her wand and cast a cheering charm on herself. She already felt more anxious from being late to class; she didn’t need weird Not Rocks helping her feel worse. “Are you able to do one? Oh, my name is Remington. I’m in Draco. I know you’re in Cetus, but I don’t remember your name.”

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    • And I'm losing control - Remington, Sat Feb 25 16:45
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        • Should someone turn on a light? - Remington, Sun Mar 12 21:38
          The cheering charm definitely helped, and she could feel the pogrebins losing all of their control immediately. It was perhaps doing its job too well. The anxiety she felt from being late to class... more
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