Armaan Bansal, [Lyra]
I can wiggle for the both of us.
Fri Jan 20, 2017 01:27

Armaan sauntered down the hallway, fully aware he was running late to potions. If Rob bothered to ask him why he was late, he’d just say he ran into Professor Boot, but he doubted he’d need the excuse. Rob was chill. The sixth-year walked in just as the professor announced the potion they’d be making in class. Armaan’s immediately shot a look at Ethan Addams, his partner in crime. They grinned at each other. This was going to be great. He scanned the room, looking for an open workspace near a reliable student. If he sat next to Ethan, neither of them would end up with a functioning potion by the end of class.

Spotting a free seat near Lucien, he walked over and quietly put his bag down. Armaan had “forgotten” to wear his robes to class; he figured if Rob didn’t wear his robes, he didn’t have to either. He was wearing his favorite t-shirt today, which featured a bespectacled giraffe wearing a bowtie, and black jeans. He pulled out his potion kit, zoning in and out of the discussion as Rob asked the class questions.

Armaan wasn’t a huge fan of Potions but then he wasn’t really a fan of any classes except for Spellwork really. The only reason he’d stuck with Potions through the years was because lessons almost always involved working in groups, making it easy to get through the year without much effort. The Aquila even made it a point to partner up with different people so no one got too fed up with his lackadaisical attitude. It had been a while since he’d worked with Lucien, but he was feeling pretty good about the decision, especially since Lucien had just piped up and answered a question for the class. Lucien was such a potions snob, and Armaan figured it’d be easy enough to get him to take over the brewing (and distillation, whatever that was). He was pretty sure the seventh-year would care more about getting the potion correct than arguing over a fair workload.

He groaned as Rob revealed the lengthy instructions for today’s potion. Of course the fun potions had to be extra tedious. Though as far as he was concerned, any potion that required more than six steps was a pain. Armaan sighed as he opened up his potions kit and realized he didn’t have any flitterbloom. Keeping the darn thing stocked properly was so annoying. Whatever, we’ll just use Lucien’s. I’m sure he’ll have plenty. He yawned and stretched. Wait, what had Rob just said? Two and a half hours! We have to sit here waiting for this potion to brew for two and a half hours?! Okay, the potion sounded cool and all, but it wasn’t worth it. Armaan stood up, then sat back down. He should have just skipped today. There was no way he was going to last two and a half hours.

The Aquila froze as Lucien turned around to him. It was too late to try and get out of class now. “Uh, yeah, I’ve done distillation before I think. But I’m kinda rusty after the summer,” he shrugged sheepishly. “I’ll grab the vinegar.” Hopefully Lucien would fill in the blanks and realize their success rested on him. Now where the hell was he supposed to find vinegar? He opened up some of the drawers at his table and couldn’t find anything, but out of the corner of his eye he saw there was a bottle sitting innocently at a nearby workspace. Did it belong to someone? It didn’t matter. Armaan muttered a quick accio and walked over to Lucien. “Here you go.”

  • I have no interest in wiggling - Lucien Dubois [7th year, Draco], Wed Jan 18 20:50
    Having been rapping his fingers for the past three minutes (the first two had been spent reviewing his notes from last class), Lucien shot an automatic glare at their professor - sorry, "Rob" - as he ... more
    • I can wiggle for the both of us. - Armaan Bansal, [Lyra], Fri Jan 20 01:27
      • Only if it doesn't get in my way. - Lucien, Fri Jan 20 23:47
        Grumbling rude but barely-audible things in French under his breath, Lucien took several pieces of willow bark and began grinding it under his marble pestle while watching Armaan's disorganized... more
        • Only if you do all the work. - Armaan Bansal, [Aquila], Fri Feb 3 22:28
          So on the plus side, Lucien was taking charge of the potion leaving Armaan with little to do. Things were going according to plan. On the down side, Armaan was bored and hungry. Standing by the older ... more
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