Dardanius Dubois [5th year Lyra]
That's a sick joke
Fri Mar 3, 2017 16:22

Slinging his bookbag onto the floor, but placing down his potions kit with a degree of care, Dardanius clambered clumsily onto his seat and resumed his daily task of inking in the centre of all the ‘o’s in his textbook. The ingredients and directions already on the board indicated some sort of disease diagnosis, which made sense considering they’d started studying medical potions that week. He readied his quill and parchment, because if he at least caught the main focus - and experience had taught him that was revealed usually right at the start of the class - he could legitimately space out for the rest of the period. So when Rob started talking, Danny took notes on what he deemed relevant. The fifth year was sure there were some jokes to be made about contagious diseases and their potential to spread through the upper years, but jokes about illnesses were always risky, so he kept quiet.

After an acceptably short duration, Rob stopped talking and gave the signal for the class to begin. Dardanius turned to his partner and grinned. “Exciting news: you are working with me today,” he informed them. The Lyra student opened up the black leather potions kit with his name embossed near the clasp. “I’ll go get our patients before all the good ones are gone,” he suggested, dropping off the edge of his seat, landing heavily in the new dragonhide boots he was too fond of to admit. “Feel free to rummage,” Danny gestured at his potions kit before heading to the front of the room for two petri dishes. Greeted by a number of dishes containing a fairly convincing sample of skin, he grimaced. “Well I guess we know what happened to the third years in detention,” he said, before chuckling and taking two samples back to his workbench.

“You don’t think Rob would have actually infected these just to mess with us?” he asked his potions partner upon his return, putting the petri dishes carefully down on the bench. Actually, that suddenly sounded like something their potions professor would definitely do, claiming it would be necessary to test their finished concoctions. Danny took a half-step back. “I’m not touching those with my bare hands.”

  • Catch this! [Potions, Yrs IV - VII] - Professor Rob Hier, Wed Mar 1 06:05
    Rob had never been this anxious before. Admittedly, very few things made him anxious, but apparently ‘about to be a father’ fit the bill. It was an unusual place for Rob to be. Typically he was -... more
    • Are you daring me to? - Kaye Packman (Aquila 4th Year), Sun Mar 5 11:56
      One of the things Kaye appreciated about Professor Rob was his lack of homework. He seemed to understand that potions was a hands on subject, like most magic, and he didn’t assign busy work. She... more
    • That's a sick joke - Dardanius Dubois [5th year Lyra], Fri Mar 3 16:22
      • Fortunately, I'm immune to jokes - Lucien Dubois [7th year, Draco], Sat Mar 4 01:16
        It was time for Potions, otherwise known as the best part of the day... Er, make that second-best. Dating Francine, while occasionally reminding him of why he hadn’t previously gotten along very well ... more
        • But laughter is contagious - Dardanius, Sat Mar 4 21:37
          Lucien - or the other Dubois, as Danny often thought of him - was exceptionally lacking in sense of humour, but was a competent potioneer. The trade-off of grades for fun wasn't one that the fifth... more
          • Alas, intelligence isn't - Lucien, Mon Mar 6 03:16
            It was unlikely, Lucien decided after a moment’s consideration, that Danny was intentionally trying to piss him off by his display of nonverbal magic. But that was still what he did. The oldest... more
            • Danny raised his eyebrows, a little surprised by Lucien’s audible scoff. He knew that the seventh year wasn’t popular among Danny’s own friendship group for his apparent lack of respect for Holland,... more
              • Fine by me. I'm not one for cards. - Lucien, Thu Mar 9 20:35
                Taking a clean handkerchief out of his pocket, Lucien began polishing his knife, watching Danny intently as the younger boy stirred their potion. Just because he’d offered him the chance didn’t mean... more
                • You shock and astound me - Danny, Sat Mar 11 15:08
                  If Danny weren’t already standing he might have fallen off his stool. ‘More than competent?’ He would have asked Lucien when he was planning to propose if he hadn’t been dumbfounded. His silence... more
                  • You I find less surprising - Lucien, Sun Mar 12 23:06
                    For the entire duration that they waited, Lucien moved only twice. The first was merely a startled reaction when Danny pulled out a thermometer too early. Having spent much of his free time during... more
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