Kaye Packman (Aquila 4th Year)
Are you daring me to?
Sun Mar 5, 2017 11:56

One of the things Kaye appreciated about Professor Rob was his lack of homework. He seemed to understand that potions was a hands on subject, like most magic, and he didn’t assign busy work. She didn’t mind the readings that were occasionally assigned. The Aquila managed to get through most of her reading, in all of her classes, with a handy little charm. She’d use a quick spell, and the book would read to her. She remembered more when she heard the reading instead of did it herself, and it made it seem less like effort. Really, it was a win-win.

It also helped that the material they were currently working on was interesting. As a former mild medical mystery, the medical potions stuff came pretty naturally to her. Both Muggles and wizards were pretty bad at identifying alopecia. Kaye had gone through quite a few tests, and probably a few more diagnoses, before they realized her hair loss wasn’t anything life threatening. At one point, a Muggle doctor even began treating her for Lyme disease. Kaye assumed that this was because the majority of doctors were stupid, lazy, and based their treatment off of assumption instead of facts.

She half listened to Rob’s lecture, wondering if a variation of this potion would have saved her a lot of time and trouble. She’d switched out her favorite wig for something different today. She never wore her long black one with bangs to potions; she liked it too much. Today, she had on a blonde wig with bangs that framed her face, and a ponytail clip in the back. It was still a really good wig. Someone would have to really look at it to realize it wasn’t her real hair pulled into that easy up-do. Everything else, though, was the same. Her robes stayed in Aquila, because they were too costly to ruin with a potions mishap. The rest of her outfit was cute, but it was pieced together through thrift shops. She had on a sheer polka dot blouse, with a black tank top over it, and red jeans with black paint splatter. She needed to start looking at thrift stores on Pearl Street; who knew what cool stuff she could find in this weird town?

Kaye opened up her potions kit and avoided biting on her bottom lip as she thought, mostly because she’d put on this really pretty mauve matte lipstick and didn’t want to ruin it. Her heavily lined blue eyes skimmed the instructions on the board, and she only caught some of what Rob had said. What caught her attention was the fact that they wouldn’t be using any real samples to test or whatever. She sighed and stood to grab a petri dish. Her laced up combat boots with a sizeable heel quietly clicked against the floor as she brought her fake human skin back to her seat. Someone was now sitting next to her and the cauldron, which brought a smile back to her face.

“Hey, so,” she skipped introductions and went straight to the question, “Do you dare me to use my own blood instead of this fake skin stuff when we test our potion?” Alopecia wasn’t contagious, but Kaye was sure her blood was the most interesting of any other student’s in the room. “It could be fun.”

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    • Are you daring me to? - Kaye Packman (Aquila 4th Year), Sun Mar 5 11:56
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