Alas, intelligence isn't
Mon Mar 6, 2017 03:16

It was unlikely, Lucien decided after a moment’s consideration, that Danny was intentionally trying to piss him off by his display of nonverbal magic. But that was still what he did. The oldest Dubois (rather, the oldest currently at RMI, but he liked to shorten it to simply ‘the oldest’ as that was a satisfying title, even if he only ever used it in his head) was possibly the worst in his year at spellcasting (which was far less satisfying to say even in his head) and now, apparently, even worse than this younger Dubois (and the fact that a fifth-year was already surpassing him was even more unsatisfying).

He could’ve done without knowing that.

He also could’ve done without Danny beating him at pulling out the first ingredients. And the kid’s attitude was completely unnecessary, too. It was like Naomi all over again. With an audible scoff, Lucien selected a Seal-Fresh bag of polygonatum clippings, as well as a standard-sized vial of salamander blood, from his own kit and lined them up on the bench beside the wormwood. “According to Canadian healthcare protocols,” he returned stiffly, “medicinal potions are brewed individually at stations separated by an average of one-point-three-five metres. So if we were working alone, yes, I would. And also move across the bench.” He was scrutinizing the cauldron right now rather than making eye contact, but his expression still clearly said he would rather be doing that. “But partnered potions require communication, and a mask would make speech recognition less reliable. Do you know how to measure a proper handful? I’ve got the bicorn.”

The water wasn’t boiling yet, but Lucien had enough years of experience under his belt (metaphorically, although he was wearing belted trousers today with a pressed mint-green shirt under his apron) to recognize that it was almost ready. To him, that meant Danny’s vaguely hostile attempts at socialization had to end, because they had a potion to start. Hence the abrupt topical change.

Sliding his silver knife out of its sheath, he took Danny’s bicorn horn and began finely shredding layers off the end. The rapid, methodic shick shick shick of the blade paused only twice: once partway through to check its weight, once to confirm he had accrued seven tenths of an ounce. He removed one thin piece from the scale and nodded with satisfaction. Seven, exactly. Collecting them in a gloved hand, he waited for Danny to sprinkle the wormwood on the now-boiling water before adding the bicorn. “You can stir it,” he offered in a manner that could almost be called generous, the motions of ingredient prepping having calmed him as they always did.

  • But laughter is contagious - Dardanius, Sat Mar 4 21:37
    Lucien - or the other Dubois, as Danny often thought of him - was exceptionally lacking in sense of humour, but was a competent potioneer. The trade-off of grades for fun wasn't one that the fifth... more
    • Alas, intelligence isn't - Lucien, Mon Mar 6 03:16
      • Danny raised his eyebrows, a little surprised by Lucien’s audible scoff. He knew that the seventh year wasn’t popular among Danny’s own friendship group for his apparent lack of respect for Holland,... more
        • Fine by me. I'm not one for cards. - Lucien, Thu Mar 9 20:35
          Taking a clean handkerchief out of his pocket, Lucien began polishing his knife, watching Danny intently as the younger boy stirred their potion. Just because he’d offered him the chance didn’t mean... more
          • You shock and astound me - Danny, Sat Mar 11 15:08
            If Danny weren’t already standing he might have fallen off his stool. ‘More than competent?’ He would have asked Lucien when he was planning to propose if he hadn’t been dumbfounded. His silence... more
            • You I find less surprising - Lucien, Sun Mar 12 23:06
              For the entire duration that they waited, Lucien moved only twice. The first was merely a startled reaction when Danny pulled out a thermometer too early. Having spent much of his free time during... more
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