Unfortunately for you; I hold all the aces
Mon Mar 6, 2017 17:31

Danny raised his eyebrows, a little surprised by Lucien’s audible scoff. He knew that the seventh year wasn’t popular among Danny’s own friendship group for his apparent lack of respect for Holland, and he was doing little to higher Danny’s opinion of him. That didn’t mean that he couldn’t still enjoy himself, and listening to Lucien regurgitate textbook protocols was definitely entertaining. Unfortunately his direct continuation into a question left little room for mockery on that score, however it did present a whole new avenue for ridicule. “As it so happens, I am astonishingly equipped with not one, but two hands,” he said, holding up his gloved extremities as he did so to demonstrate the point, “as well as a nifty measuring device. You may be familiar with it?” Again without speaking, Dardanius summoned a small metallic vessel that clearly had engraved along its inner rim the words one handful. Flashing his partner an exceptionally broad smile, Danny set about meticulously measuring out the wormwood while Lucien prepared the bicorn horn.

When the water was boiling, Dardanius visually confirmed that the other Dubois was ready before he very carefully sprinkled the wormwood into the cauldron. He was surprised for a second (or was it a third?) time when Lucien allowed him to stir the concoction. Considering how precious the Draco had been thus far with the potion, Danny accepted the gesture as a proverbial olive branch, and only sounded minutely patronising when he said, “Thank you, Lucien.” He did his best to stir thoroughly and carefully, however, because messing up Lucien’s grade when he was already taunting him during class didn’t seem especially fair. Unfortunately, they had now reached the inevitable part of brewing when there wasn’t a great deal for them to do while the solution cooled.

Cancelling the flame under the cauldron, Danny noticed that his partner had already laid out the requisite ingredients for the next stage. Or rather, the next stage of brewing, because they had a charm to cast before any other ingredients were required. “Do you have a preference on who casts the charm?” Danny asked, being serious for perhaps the first time that class. “I am good at charms,” he added, in case the information was relevant in Lucien’s decision making, “but I suspect you care more about the outcome of this potion than I do, so it’s your call.”

  • Alas, intelligence isn't - Lucien, Mon Mar 6 03:16
    It was unlikely, Lucien decided after a moment’s consideration, that Danny was intentionally trying to piss him off by his display of nonverbal magic. But that was still what he did. The oldest... more
    • Unfortunately for you; I hold all the aces - Danny, Mon Mar 6 17:31
      • Fine by me. I'm not one for cards. - Lucien, Thu Mar 9 20:35
        Taking a clean handkerchief out of his pocket, Lucien began polishing his knife, watching Danny intently as the younger boy stirred their potion. Just because he’d offered him the chance didn’t mean... more
        • You shock and astound me - Danny, Sat Mar 11 15:08
          If Danny weren’t already standing he might have fallen off his stool. ‘More than competent?’ He would have asked Lucien when he was planning to propose if he hadn’t been dumbfounded. His silence... more
          • You I find less surprising - Lucien, Sun Mar 12 23:06
            For the entire duration that they waited, Lucien moved only twice. The first was merely a startled reaction when Danny pulled out a thermometer too early. Having spent much of his free time during... more
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