You shock and astound me
Sat Mar 11, 2017 15:08

If Danny werenít already standing he might have fallen off his stool. ĎMore than competent?í He would have asked Lucien when he was planning to propose if he hadnít been dumbfounded. His silence persevered when his potions partner commented on the polygonatum leaves. Dardanius considered wearily informing Lucien that actually he did know about the ingredients they were using. While he was, admittedly, two years younger, and so presumably lacked knowledge in the topics Lucien had been taught while Danny had not been in the advanced classes, the fifth year was willing to bet his potions trivia was better than most. He would not deny he was lazy as a kneazle in the sun, but learning came easily to him. He soaked up information like a sponge soaked up his peersí less volatile potions spillages. He was also apparently better at wandwork than at least one seventh year. If he hadnít already sat back on his seat to wait out the awkward cooling period, Danny would have been sorely tempted to strut.

As it was, he exhaled a low whistle while trying to think of some suitable topic of conversation to pass the time. He contemplated asking Lucien why he never managed to use the correct pronouns when referring to Holland, when he could obviously remember more complex facts about various potions ingredients. But it didnít seem like the right time; he didnít especially want to spend the rest of the class arguing and he thought Holland would forgive him, considering the volatile nature of diagnostic potions. Instead he inserted a thermometer in the potion to check its temperature (as it needed to be enchanted itself soon enough, he didnít want any residual magic from a temperature-checking charm to affect the potion).

His mind considered a wide range of unlikely conversation topics, including - but not limited to - Quidditch, Canada, Marissa, and Lucienís impending graduation - before Danny gave up trying to find a topic on which the two of them could safely converse. He liked to talk, and he hoped most people would agree he was easy to get along with, but he literally had nothing to say to Lucien Dubois. Instead he actually made extra notes from his textbook, Merlin help him, and had some disturbingly insightful thoughts that he noted in the margin whilst hating himself for being incapable of procrastinating for the first time in living memory.

Having checked the temperature a couple more times, Dardanius was satisfied the concoction was now suitably cool for the charm, and, pausing for just a second for Lucien to stop him if he deemed necessary for whatever ill-conceived reason, the fifth year cast the requisite charm on the contents of their cauldron. The solution within began shimmering silver in a particularly satisfying way. ďGo team Dubois!Ē he enthused, and held his hand up for a high-five that he would bet a thousand galleons would not be returned.

  • Fine by me. I'm not one for cards. - Lucien, Thu Mar 9 20:35
    Taking a clean handkerchief out of his pocket, Lucien began polishing his knife, watching Danny intently as the younger boy stirred their potion. Just because heíd offered him the chance didnít mean... more
    • You shock and astound me - Danny, Sat Mar 11 15:08
      • You I find less surprising - Lucien, Sun Mar 12 23:06
        For the entire duration that they waited, Lucien moved only twice. The first was merely a startled reaction when Danny pulled out a thermometer too early. Having spent much of his free time during... more
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