Should someone turn on a light?
Sun Mar 12, 2017 21:38

The cheering charm definitely helped, and she could feel the pogrebins losing all of their control immediately. It was perhaps doing its job too well. The anxiety she felt from being late to class was starting to melt away, too. Remington felt her brain go off on a thought tangent, and she couldn’t stop it. This cheering charm did wonders. Did wizards use this instead of medication for anything like depression? Could a Healer prescribe a charm the way one would prescribe a potion or other medication? Surely, someone would want to benefit from that monetarily if that were the case, and that seemed both impossible and likely at the same time.

“Right on point Miss Remington. My name’s Alistair, Alistair Hazelhurst. But you can just call me Al.”

Thankfully the other student pulled her out of that thought before she lost control of it. Deciding to look it up in the library later, Remington looked at him and smiled. Yup, this was definitely one of Dade’s roommates. Despite speaking differently, he didn’t seem so bad--

He was quick to stop talking and start attacking, though.

The Draco jumped a little at the sudden change. She almost squeaked, but she managed not to add sound effects to her surprise. Her brow furrowed a little. Hopefully they were supposed to do that? She doubted their professor would be thrilled if they injured one of the little creatures. Maybe it was because she was late to class, but Remington was struggling to figure out exactly what the point of this lesson was, and Alistair, Alistair Hazelhurst, Al, hadn’t explained that part very well.

“It’s okay,” Remington said a little slowly, still thinking, “So…what are we supposed to do? Just shoot spells at them? Or is there some kind of end result Professor Rasnick is expecting from us?” Remington held in a sigh and waited patiently for an answer she wished she had already; she wished she was working with Dade.

  • Because the power...is out. - Alistair Hazelhurst, Fri Mar 10 11:14
    Alistair still felt a little odd as the creeping little feeling behind his eyes grew a bit stronger as he tried to listen to the girl as she explained what the little critters were actually called.... more
    • Should someone turn on a light? - Remington, Sun Mar 12 21:38
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