You I find less surprising
Sun Mar 12, 2017 23:06

For the entire duration that they waited, Lucien moved only twice. The first was merely a startled reaction when Danny pulled out a thermometer too early. Having spent much of his free time during fourth-year memorizing data charts, he had opted simply to run through a mental calculation of the cauldron’s thermal conductivity and the density of the potion, which had ultimately provided him, down to a tenth of a second, the point at which the potion would be approaching its ideal temperature. Allowing for an unpredictability margin, Lucien had concluded that it was unnecessary to actively measure the potion’s temperature until one minute before his calculated time. His second movement was, therefore, fifty seconds before his calculations so as to measure the potion’s progress with his own thermometer. He had adjusted this from his original one minute, having taken into account Danny’s more frequent temperature checks and how it might have thrown off the anticipated cooling ratio.

In between these two movements, Lucien’s thought processes were quite strategic, oscillating between (a) the question of what the heck he was going to wear for his date with Francine, which shouldn’t be a very big deal considering how his closet contained fairly identical dress shirts and pants in slightly varying colours, but still, the day just kept getting closer and he still found himself changing his mind; and (b) visualizing his packing schematic for when he finally received his McGill acceptance letter and moved to the university, because there were numerous supplies he would need to bring with him and, since he had no interest in continuing to live at home and Apparate in, he would additionally have to find a way of concealing the more magical of his supplies in the offchance that he received a Muggle roommate on the campus dorms. ‘Oscillate’ was the key word: (a) and (b) were mutually exclusive thoughts, for now, as he was uncertain how he would be able to keep dating Francine if they wound up in different cities or even countries. But he’d cross that bridge later.

Although he had expected Danny to keep himself entertained for as long as it took the potion to cool, Lucien still found himself surprised to realize that, indeed, the time had passed without Danny attempting any sort of conversation. The younger boy paused before casting the charm, and Lucien gave him a firm nod to indicate that it was fine to proceed, watching critically as the expected silvery sheen appeared. His judgement of the Lyra hadn’t been ill-placed, then. “Go us,” he returned impassively. Brown eyes landed briefly on Danny’s raised hand, but the only thing he offered in response was a raised eyebrow before he picked up the vial of salamander blood and unscrewed the top. Drop by drop, he emptied the vial into the potion, and then gestured for Danny’s help moving the cauldron back over their heat source.

Lucien unzipped his Keep-Fresh baggie and removed two handfuls of polygonatum leaves. He placed one of the handfuls down closer to Danny. “Last ingredient,” he announced, probably redundantly, and began mashing his pile of the leaves. This was an easy prep; he hardly needed to watch what he did, as mashing really made the most use of his physical sense of the, well, the level of mash. So while he worked, the Québécois kept one eye on Danny’s progress and the other on their slowly-heating potion. He did occasionally glance down at his own hands, but this was usually preceded by some form of grimace, since the pattern of his eyes around the workstation inevitably meant catching glance of their so-called ‘professor’. “Yours looks good,” he addressed Danny after a bit. The potion looked good too, with that telltale slight ripple of simmering and the silver fading away. “Ready to go?”

  • You shock and astound me - Danny, Sat Mar 11 15:08
    If Danny weren’t already standing he might have fallen off his stool. ‘More than competent?’ He would have asked Lucien when he was planning to propose if he hadn’t been dumbfounded. His silence... more
    • You I find less surprising - Lucien, Sun Mar 12 23:06
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