Ready, set, rumble!
Mon Mar 27, 2017 04:54

“You’re on,” Rose flashed a grin at Ruben. She liked challenges. She was usually good at challenges. And although she hadn’t paid enough attention to the new kid to figure out if he was going to be a genuine challenge it was pretty clear he thought that he was good enough to take her, and that was enough for Rose. The Aquila wasn’t the best in Dueling Club and she did lose occasionally, but her wins far outstripped her losses. One of the things that she was hoping to try out this session was a piece of wandless, nonverbal magic she had been practicing. It wasn’t the most advanced spell - just a leg-locking jinx - but Rose had been working on it in her free time and she was pretty sure she could do it, it was just a matter of waiting for the right time and focusing correctly. And technically speaking, that counted as preparation for her Animagus lessons, anyway. Overall, if she could manage it, Rose was pretty sure that wandless, nonverbal magic could be a complete game-changer in a duel.

Smoothing back her blonde hair instinctively even though the crinkled curls had yet to escape their position flattened against her skull, Rose moved over to an unoccupied space on the mats and stepped an appropriate distance away from Ruben before giving her opponent a critical up-and-down. Aside from a pair of red shoes, Ruben was dressed all in black. He had bands on his arms that appeared to be some kind of leather, although Rose wasn’t close enough to tell. His tank-top had clearly once been an actual shirt, from the ragged edges around the openings for the arms. The combination of black and long blond hair really did it for him, Rose would be the first to admit.

The questions that had been nagging on the corners of her mind since mid-October began to surface, and Rose shoved them away. Now was not the time to worry about if she had a crush on Ruben. Now was the time to kick his ass.

Rose pulled her wand out of her bra. It was longer than a lot of wands she’d seen at almost a foot, and the wood was alder. Her core was dragon heartstring, which Rose had been proud of. They’d obviously gone to Ollivander’s to get their wands - Rose wasn’t sure what Americans did for their wands, since Ollivander’s was the best - and Rose had immediately become particularly fond of hers. It was pretty flexible, which meant good things for duels and spellwork. If the wand chose the wizard (or witch, in this case), did that mean those things were intrinsic parts of her magic, or did that mean the wand helped augment those traits? She wasn’t sure. And now was not the time, Rose, seriously.

“Ready?” When Ruben indicated he was, Rose grinned again and counted off. “One. Two. Three.” She snapped her wand. “Stupefy!”

  • Let's get this started! - Ruben Lundqvist, Mon Mar 20 19:39
    Fighting was easily one of Ruben’s favourite pasttimes. Though he had to be careful who he shared that with sometimes, and more importantly, how he went about phrasing it, especially here. The Swede... more
    • Ready, set, rumble! - Rose, Mon Mar 27 04:54
      • Bet you can't catch me - Ruben, Wed Mar 29 21:13
        Ruben’s smirk didn’t fade. Not when he caught Rose checking him out - if anything, that caused it to broaden and he was more than happy to return the gesture, blue eyes skimming across her body to... more
        • Wanna bet? - Rose, Thu Mar 30 04:54
          Ruben dodged her first spell, which Rose was both surprised by and unsurprised by. She had expected him to respond with another spell, mostly because that was what most people did when they dueled.... more
          • Sure, I could use the cash - Ruben, Thu Mar 30 15:57
            Rose did wind up dodging his second spell, which he made mental note of. It was always good to know who was willing to play along with him in turning a duel away from pure magic. Because of course... more
            • Damn. Instead of being knocked into the hole and stuck there by her leg-locker curse, Ruben had rolled into the hole of his own accord and used it to protect himself. She wasn’t entirely sure if her... more
              • As he jumped out of the hole, Ruben overheard the spell she used on his first ball of thorns. It wasn't one he recognized, which he supposed wasn't too unusual: if he imagined taking his Dark Arts... more
                • Well I'm certainly not losing - Rose, Mon Apr 3 04:42
                  Oh Merlin, had Ruben just punched a rock ? Rose snorted and tried to prevent herself from entering full-on giggles. Blasting the rock was something she expected, but it took a special kind of person... more
                  • Are you sure about that? - Ruben, Tue Apr 4 01:18
                    Excellent. He’d caught her. A swell of satisfaction washed over him as he watched his jinx hoist Rose into the air. Technically, his was the first injury, but he didn’t think it exactly counted. She... more
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