Wanna bet?
Thu Mar 30, 2017 04:54

Ruben dodged her first spell, which Rose was both surprised by and unsurprised by. She had expected him to respond with another spell, mostly because that was what most people did when they dueled. She didnít let it get her off-balance, though, and quickly responded with a shield charm to Rubenís first spell, while dodging out of the way of his second. It was clear that the new kid wasnít a huge fan of protocol, which was fine with Rose. One of the reasons she was so good at dueling was that she did have a good amount of body awareness and was often able to move out of the way of one spell while casting one of her own. Being Aquilaís team Seeker helped with dodging - she had been known to have private practices with their teamís Beaters where the entire practice was just her dodging the Bludgers they tried to hit at her, and she had only broken her arm once in the past several years she had been having those practices. Consequently, Rose had never once been knocked off her broom in an actual game. She preferred to avoid flashy tricks that some Seekers liked to employ to catch Snitches or avoid Bludgers, instead concentrating on quick, focused movements.

All right, if Ruben was going to play the dodging game, Rose was going to play along with him.

ďDefodio,Ē the Aquila mumbled quickly with a flick of her wand at the ground to Rubenís side. A medium-sized (although relatively shallow) hole appeared where she had pointed her wand. Rose moved a little so her angle would be right, very quickly, then yelled ďRelashio!Ē with her wand pointed at Ruben. She took a half-second to think before deciding that this was a good a time as any, and focused very hard on Ruben as she thought the words to the leg-locker curse. With any luck, the transfer student would topple into the hole and she would be declared the unequivocal winner of the duel.

Rose wasnít exactly known for moving her surroundings around during duels, but it had happened a couple of times. Usually she was up against people who didnít understand that duels were more than a series of curses, hexes, and jinxes mixed with a few defensive spells, which meant that all she had to do was be better at casting spells at them. It wasnít hard, mostly because Rose spent a lot of time practicing. It wasnít unusual to find her in the practical lab muttering spells to herself as she focused on this bit of Transfiguration or that bit of offensive magic. Between working to excel at Spellwork, Quidditch, and her supplementary swimming, Rose didnít really have time for traditional hobbies, but that was fine with her. In her opinion, being the best was well worth the time she put into it.

  • Bet you can't catch me - Ruben, Wed Mar 29 21:13
    Rubenís smirk didnít fade. Not when he caught Rose checking him out - if anything, that caused it to broaden and he was more than happy to return the gesture, blue eyes skimming across her body to... more
    • Wanna bet? - Rose, Thu Mar 30 04:54
      • Sure, I could use the cash - Ruben, Thu Mar 30 15:57
        Rose did wind up dodging his second spell, which he made mental note of. It was always good to know who was willing to play along with him in turning a duel away from pure magic. Because of course... more
        • Damn. Instead of being knocked into the hole and stuck there by her leg-locker curse, Ruben had rolled into the hole of his own accord and used it to protect himself. She wasnít entirely sure if her... more
          • As he jumped out of the hole, Ruben overheard the spell she used on his first ball of thorns. It wasn't one he recognized, which he supposed wasn't too unusual: if he imagined taking his Dark Arts... more
            • Well I'm certainly not losing - Rose, Mon Apr 3 04:42
              Oh Merlin, had Ruben just punched a rock ? Rose snorted and tried to prevent herself from entering full-on giggles. Blasting the rock was something she expected, but it took a special kind of person... more
              • Are you sure about that? - Ruben, Tue Apr 4 01:18
                Excellent. Heíd caught her. A swell of satisfaction washed over him as he watched his jinx hoist Rose into the air. Technically, his was the first injury, but he didnít think it exactly counted. She... more
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