Sure, I could use the cash
Thu Mar 30, 2017 15:57

Rose did wind up dodging his second spell, which he made mental note of. It was always good to know who was willing to play along with him in turning a duel away from pure magic. Because of course she was playing along. Ruben knew she was on their House Quidditch team, which naturally involved some physical training, but he had a low opinion of the sport and didn't believe that her involvement in it could possibly be enough on its own to prod her into taking the same self-driven initiative to bend out of a spell's way as he did. There was, he supposed, a slim possibility she was also involved in martial arts, but he hadn't come across any evidence to suggest that was true.

She retaliated with pointing her wand at - his feet. Sidestepping instinctively in response, he realized that Rose's wand was in fact aimed at a steadily opening hole in the floor next to him. His initial surprise was inflected with what could only be described as a sort of pleased intrigue. This was interesting. Ruben hadn't yet been paired off with a student here who actively modified their duelling environment. It was a pretty unique approach, and yet a fully logical one, considering how predictable it became when people simply threw spells at each other's form. Screwing with their surroundings was smart. Of course, despite his surprise at this, deciding what to do next was hardly difficult, because there was a hole in the ground and how could he pass that up?

Smirk broadening now into a more cheerful grin, Ruben dove into the hole to escape her spell, rolling over one shoulder in a fluid motion. He remained crouched low (he was definitely too tall for the shallow walls to hide him) and threw up a non-verbal shield charm. It had been intended just as a precaution, buying him a second to pick his next attack, but he found himself surprised again to feel it absorb a jinx that he hadn't heard nor seen Rose move to cast. So she could do non-verbal and wandless magic. Fan, that really changed things. Thus far in his studies, the Swede hadn't managed to produce wandless magic with any sort of reliability. Occasionally he could do something minor, like levitate an item, but that was hardly useful when he only pulled it off at random. Probably he'd have to work harder at wandless magic if he and Rose were going to be duelling often... which he was already hoping they would be. She was proving to be a decent opponent.

He broke his shield and spun the tip of his wand in a tight circle, muttering rapidly, before flicking it at Rose. The ball of knotted, thorny vines he had conjured was sent rolling towards her, gaining speed as it went. Conjuring was tricky, but this was one he had practiced quite a bit, though admittedly in the manner he'd first learned it, which involved barbed wire and was overall much more entertaining. But, well, keeping his head down, and all that bull. The more innocent variant of wood was somehow harder for him than metal, as demonstrated by how his focus on making the ball quite large had resulted in a looser tangle than desireable. Assuming she would deal with it first, Ruben braced his free hand on the main floor and jumped easily out of the hole. A portion of his attention was still on critiquing his conjured ball, while another part briefly considered closing the hole up behind him. He decided not to, though. Holes were useful. Instead, he remained standing in front of it and threw a much smaller, denser ball of thorns at Rose, lobbing it overhead this time for fun.

  • Wanna bet? - Rose, Thu Mar 30 04:54
    Ruben dodged her first spell, which Rose was both surprised by and unsurprised by. She had expected him to respond with another spell, mostly because that was what most people did when they dueled.... more
    • Sure, I could use the cash - Ruben, Thu Mar 30 15:57
      • Damn. Instead of being knocked into the hole and stuck there by her leg-locker curse, Ruben had rolled into the hole of his own accord and used it to protect himself. She wasn’t entirely sure if her... more
        • As he jumped out of the hole, Ruben overheard the spell she used on his first ball of thorns. It wasn't one he recognized, which he supposed wasn't too unusual: if he imagined taking his Dark Arts... more
          • Well I'm certainly not losing - Rose, Mon Apr 3 04:42
            Oh Merlin, had Ruben just punched a rock ? Rose snorted and tried to prevent herself from entering full-on giggles. Blasting the rock was something she expected, but it took a special kind of person... more
            • Are you sure about that? - Ruben, Tue Apr 4 01:18
              Excellent. He’d caught her. A swell of satisfaction washed over him as he watched his jinx hoist Rose into the air. Technically, his was the first injury, but he didn’t think it exactly counted. She... more
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