Only thing I'm losing is... nothing, actually
Fri Mar 31, 2017 14:01

As he jumped out of the hole, Ruben overheard the spell she used on his first ball of thorns. It wasn't one he recognized, which he supposed wasn't too unusual: if he imagined taking his Dark Arts classes minus all of the supposedly-questionable spells, well, that left a lot of empty space. Presumably RMI's Defense Against the Dark Arts classes (an unbelievably stupid and presumptive name) had to do something different with their practical lessons to fill up all that time. He attempted to commit her spell to memory so that he could look it up later in his new textbooks. Having to buy whole new texts for most of his classes here had been lame, and the Defense books in particular he had barely cracked beyond a cursory skim to confirm the spells list was as dull as he expected it to be, because what did he care about Defense? He could follow along in class without a book.

Now wasn't the time to be thinking about books, however. (Really, when was the time for that?)

Rose fired his smaller thorny ball back at him, but misaimed. It was following a trajectory that would clearly miss hitting him by several feet, so he disregarded it. There was no point wasting attention on things that wouldn't affect him. Both the balls that she had flung away might wind up hitting neighbouring teams of duellers, but that was their problem now; they should know to pay attention to their surroundings, and if they weren't, he had no sympathy for them.

Anticipating her attack, Ruben reacted to her next spell physically by sinking into an even lower crouch, one knee pressing lightly to the floor. The spell went the same way as the thorns, shooting over his head. With blue eyes glued to the beam of light as he watched to ensure it would pass over him, he turned to look at Rose again before it registered that something had happened behind the gleam. It had been too bright a spell to see around it clearly, but his peripheral vision had definitely noticed something.

Glancing back up, he noted that something was, in fact, a ball of stone where his thorns had previously been. Well, technically it was still a ball of thorns. The thorns were just stone now. That was helpful.

It was dropping fast. His immediate response was to point his wand up, focusing hard on the first spell that occurred to him. Blood-red fire came crackling out of his wand, funnelled into a narrow stream that drilled into the ball. Midway through, the stone gave way and cracked. He'd hit it off-centre, though, and while the smaller bits would bounce off his body with little harm done, the main chunk was still headed for his head. With the vague idea that he might be able to swat it out of the way, he threw up his other hand in a fist and connected against the stone. His brand of martial arts wasn't the type that punched boards in half (that would be cool) but punching in general was a skill he had pretty well mastered. The ball turned out to be heavier than he thought, and his knuckles felt as smushed as they looked, but he knew how to make a fist properly. Having broken fingers in the past, he could tell that none of the digits were broken this time. Maybe a different bone or four. He could also tell that he would be taking his hand out of commission for the rest of their duel. Eh, it was only a hand.

"Jävla brändbröd, hela limpan," he swore eloquently, laughing as he wiped his bleeding hand off roughly on his tank. The surface injuries made it look bad, thanks to the stone thorns that had scratched him up, but he could suppress the pain until this was over, because they had to finish this. Despite his cursing, Ruben wasn't actually angry. It was more a mix of annoyance and admiration. In this moment, he concluded that Rose was brilliant and they obviously needed to spend more time together. Finally cancelling the fire spell as he realized his wand-arm was still pointing up, he gave the ceiling a cursory blink, assumed that the smoking hole would be no problem, and spun his wand around to Rose once more, using a broad smirk to hide his wincing state and firing off two jinxes in a row. Still in a crouched position, he adjusted his wand angle slightly to hopefully hit her in two different spots. "Impedimenta! Levicorpus!"

  • Damn. Instead of being knocked into the hole and stuck there by her leg-locker curse, Ruben had rolled into the hole of his own accord and used it to protect himself. She wasn’t entirely sure if her... more
    • Only thing I'm losing is... nothing, actually - Ruben, Fri Mar 31 14:01
      • Well I'm certainly not losing - Rose, Mon Apr 3 04:42
        Oh Merlin, had Ruben just punched a rock ? Rose snorted and tried to prevent herself from entering full-on giggles. Blasting the rock was something she expected, but it took a special kind of person... more
        • Are you sure about that? - Ruben, Tue Apr 4 01:18
          Excellent. He’d caught her. A swell of satisfaction washed over him as he watched his jinx hoist Rose into the air. Technically, his was the first injury, but he didn’t think it exactly counted. She... more
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