Only if it doesn't get in my way.
Fri Jan 20, 2017 23:47

Grumbling rude but barely-audible things in French under his breath, Lucien took several pieces of willow bark and began grinding it under his marble pestle while watching Armaan's disorganized rummaging out of the corner of his eye. Armaan really wasn't the ideal partner. They hadn't worked together in a while, but from what he remembered, the guy had been a slacker. Maybe his attitude had improved since then, but Lucien wasn't getting his hopes up. After all, he had been late today, even later than "Rob", which was just inconsiderate.

On the other hand, working with a slacker meant that he could entirely take charge of their work, whereas if Armaan had been actually competent, Lucien would have likely wound up vying with him for control as tended to happen with some of the other students. He did appreciate that. In earlier years, he hadn't been sure whether his appreciation of it outranked his distaste of inadequate partners. Being able to work with someone who had the capacity to thoroughly comprehend the task at hand was refreshing, even if it was a bit tiresome. However, the seventh-year was by now absolutely certain that the ability to boss around ah, manage, less competent students was the lesser of two evils.

He was vaguely surprised that Armaan had managed to track down the right vinegar and took it from him without a word. The brunet measured it into a vial, using a whispered Aguamenti to top up the remaining third. Adding the willow bark, Lucien proceeded to ignore Armaan entirely for the duration it took to position it under the fractioning column and heat it to the proper temperature. He continued to ignore Armaan as the initial hint of condensation began to build up along the column's sides, at which point the Canadian turned to him. Whatever the younger student might have said or done over this time was disregarded as he assumed the leading role.

"This is really a one-man job, but we have to work together." Unfortunately, he added in his head, although the implication could probably be guessed. "We should start with the agrimony now. But do you even have any?" he quizzed Armaan skeptically. Lucien didn't want to use up too much of his personal supply - although it was true that he had more than enough. Over his family's long wandmaking history in Québec, they had worked exclusively with local foliage and wildlife. The resources they had become adept at collecting were usually applicable to other magical fields, and so he was always able to stock his Potions kit to bursting. Always quality ingredients, too, which made a big difference. He was a hoarder in some regards, but if Armaan couldn't produce good enough agrimony, well, he would make the sacrifice.

  • I can wiggle for the both of us. - Armaan Bansal, [Lyra], Fri Jan 20 01:27
    Armaan sauntered down the hallway, fully aware he was running late to potions. If Rob bothered to ask him why he was late, he’d just say he ran into Professor Boot, but he doubted he’d need the... more
    • Only if it doesn't get in my way. - Lucien, Fri Jan 20 23:47
      • Only if you do all the work. - Armaan Bansal, [Aquila], Fri Feb 3 22:28
        So on the plus side, Lucien was taking charge of the potion leaving Armaan with little to do. Things were going according to plan. On the down side, Armaan was bored and hungry. Standing by the older ... more
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