Are you sure about that?
Tue Apr 4, 2017 01:18

Excellent. He’d caught her. A swell of satisfaction washed over him as he watched his jinx hoist Rose into the air. Technically, his was the first injury, but he didn’t think it exactly counted. She might have sent the rock at him, but physically smacking it had been his own choice, after all. (Maybe not the most well-thought-out choice, not that he would admit that now, but still his own.) Which meant that he had made the first strike. It always felt more gratifying to him when that happened via hand or a staff or other weapon - literally the first strike, something he could put his own weight behind and actively feel its effects. But considering this was a magic-only duel, well, he was feeling pretty great right now.

Ruben followed up with an Expelliarmus while she was dangling in midair. The faint fizzling of light indicated that Rose had already cast a shield. She’d probably keep herself protected until she got back down, he assumed. It was difficult to put up a good offense while hanging upside-down... although not impossible. Not that he had specifically practiced upside-down sparring, but his former duelling supervisor at Durmstrang had done some weird things with gravity and levitation charms to challenge their perspective and expand their sensory reflexes and stuff like that. He’d tuned out the man’s rationale partway through. It had been fun, anyways, as well as surprisingly difficult for the overconfident teen, and had encouraged him to spend a lot more time exercising as a result. Ab strength was pretty important when preparing to be yanked around unexpectedly by one’s environment.

While he waited for Rose to come down on her own terms, Ruben tapped his leather wristband with his wand. A muttered spell caused the leather to flatten out into a more pliable fabric, and he stretched it up over his fist to hold it more securely. Thanks to too much practice using his wristbands as temporary protection, this whole process was completed in about ten seconds. It wouldn’t exactly help soak up the blood, but it was dripping impressively down his elbow at this point and rather added to his whole aesthetic. He wasn’t one to complain about some blood.

Straightening back up, newly-wrapped fist swinging a bit stiffly at his side, he kept his wand drawn on Rose and sauntered closer, such that he was almost in arms’ reach by the time she was on her feet again. Nothing like breaking the rule-of-open-space that wizards were weirdly fond of. “Since it was my spell to make the first contact,” he drawled, smirk broadening, “does that mean you will accept defeat in this round?” As he finished the sentence, Ruben’s eyes narrowed slightly in focus and he sent a second, nonverbal Expelliarmus at her.

  • Well I'm certainly not losing - Rose, Mon Apr 3 04:42
    Oh Merlin, had Ruben just punched a rock ? Rose snorted and tried to prevent herself from entering full-on giggles. Blasting the rock was something she expected, but it took a special kind of person... more
    • Are you sure about that? - Ruben, Tue Apr 4 01:18
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