Marley Chapman [2nd year, Lyra]
But I have hands!
Sat Apr 8, 2017 19:18

“I still can’t believe you, like, almost made a goal in the last match, that was just-- ooooh, hi!” Having just spotted Professor McKindy’s cat, Marley cut her conversation with Skylar short and immediately dropped into a squat, directing the squeaky-voice greeting at the cat while holding out her hand. She beamed when the cat sniffed at her palm and managed to get in a quick pet before it moseyed off to investigate some other students. “How old d’you think Professor McKindy’s cat is?” she asked Skylar hopefully as she straightened up, switching from the topic of Quidditch to cats with ease. “Maybe around the same as Sasha? Aw, can you imagine if they had little orange-and-grey kittens? That would be super cute!”

Marley loved cats. (Rather, Marley loved all animals. And love was a strong word, but also not nearly strong enough in this case.) She’d never owned any pets, though. Her mum had an owl that Marley sometimes got to look after during the school year, as they wrote each other quite regularly when the black owl wasn’t tied up delivering stuff between her mum and her clients. But owls didn’t count as pets, she thought, since they were so independent and had, like, this really practical relationship with magical people. No one else in her family kept animals. Her uncle had a big tank and had talked about getting tropical fish or maybe a lizard, but he was so busy at work that he hadn’t gotten around to it yet... and had been busy for as far back as she could remember, so she wasn’t honestly expecting it to happen. Maybe he’d just grow plants in it or something. If people could have pet rocks, why not pet plants?

She proposed this to Skylar and was in the middle of a rambling mostly-self-debate on whether gardens could be considered pets when Professor McKindy started talking. Oh, that was probably important to listen to. Fixing brown eyes on the man, her attention soon wandered as she realized, somehow for the first time, that the room was way more full than normal. Like, even Holland was there! Wow. Marley didn’t think she had ever seen she-and-he-or-them (she really needed to decide on a mental abbreviation for that, because while it wasn’t too complicated for her quick-paced thoughts, it still took up a lot of space) in class, since their yeargroups were so far apart. She had already completely lost track of Professor McKindy’s instructions for their class today, but obviously that didn’t matter too much, because obviously if he had brought in all of the students, that meant she had the chance to partner with someone older whom she had never worked with before, and that was exciting.

Patting the side of her mini-Afro to confirm that her wand was still safely stowed behind her ear, Marley glanced across the other younger students, grinning with excitement. Some of them looked as happy as she, while some strangely appeared less than impressed. Already wide, her grin got even wider when she made intentional sorta accidental eye contact with Connor and she bobbed her head in a greeting-nod before attempting to tune back into the class instructions. Connor was a good friend; it was easy to talk to him, and he was pretty hilarious, too. And Marley wasn’t sure why, but she had recently discovered that Connor was cute and her brain had run off carrying that with the same cheerful determination as it had carried the discovery of Bryn being cute last year and Roger last month. Thank gosh she had dark skin, ‘cause it was barely visible when she blushed. Or at least, it had been barely visible on the one occasion she had blushed within range of a mirror, which she assumed made it true for all occasions.

Professor McKindy set them free to partner up and she promptly complied, the rubber soles of her sneakers thunking on the floor as she skipped across to the first older student that seemed to be looking at her. Yep, looking at her. Clearly that suggested they wanted to work with her; the thought that this older student knew about her and wanted to pair up in class made her feel a little shivery with delight. Well, yeah, maybe they were just looking at her dress. Marley didn’t wear dresses very often, because they were too formal for just going to class, but this dress was plaid with short cuffed sleeves and looked more like a giant shirt with a bow ‘round the waist than an actual dress, which was why she had picked it out today. Preferring to think that the older student had been actively seeking her out as a partner, Marley flashed them a smile. “Let’s start!” she announced brightly, conveniently forgetting that she hadn’t actually paid attention to what they were supposed to do.

  • Look Ma, No Hands! [Spellwork, ALL YEARS] - Professor Aaron McKindy, Fri Apr 7 17:35
    “So this is a little bit of an unusual lesson,” Aaron McKindy said, entirely unnecessarily. It was unnecessary because all of the gathered students had already realized that, presumably once they... more
    • But I need hands to pet this cat! - Marissa Kendrick (5th Year Aquila), Fri Apr 14 14:59
      “Hi, Circe!” Spellwork was one of the only lessons Marissa Kendrick was consistently early to. She liked chatting with Aaron about Quidditch things, or about the kids, or other random subjects she... more
    • Hopefully my partner has hands - Kaye Packman (Aquila 4th Year), Fri Apr 14 14:29
      Kaye decided to show up to Spellwork on a day when everyone would be there. This would have been the best time to skip class. The crowd was big enough that her absence would have gone unnoticed. She... more
    • No doorknobs, either - Holland Keene [Lyra], Wed Apr 12 14:46
      When they were doing an all-years class, it was almost guaranteed that there would be a somewhat physical component to the activity. Professor McKindy in particular seemed to like to mix up the... more
      • Maybe the Hands and Knobs are Behind the Door - Hunter Ioma, Wed Apr 12 22:37
        “So this is a little bit of an unusual lesson,” Hunter perked up. An unusual lesson certainly sounded exciting. Well, any magic lesson sounded exciting, but an unusual one even more so. “Today we’re... more
        • We could look there - Holland, Fri Apr 14 15:42
          Oh, it was Hunter. Holland liked Hunter well enough—in fact, they didn’t truly dislike any of the underclassmen—but he was very—well— Hunter . Holland was not entirely sure what they meant by that,... more
          • What's in the Box?! - Hunter Ioma, Fri Apr 14 21:33
            As Hunter tumbled through the ghost-space-wizard door, the first thing that got his attention was the size of the room on the other side. It wasn’t exactly large, but certainly not the... more
            • Looks like another puzzle to me - Holland, Sat Apr 15 19:02
              Hunter was unsurprisingly optimistic about doing a spell he couldn’t remember learning. The sixteen-year-old left Hunter to it and focused on the lock. They knew a bit about how locks worked; Monty... more
    • Hold my butterbeer. I got this. - Teal Rosse [Draco, 2nd year], Mon Apr 10 05:58
      Classes at RMI were pretty weird, but Teal didn’t think a professor had ever had all the years all together all at once. What in Merlin’s name could Prof. Aaron be planning? This sounded like... more
      • I mean I guess my hands are free - Rose Farnon, Mon Apr 10 06:39
        When Rose ran into Dade on her way to Spellwork, she know that McKindy was up to something. There was no normal reason for him to have a first year and a fifth year going to the same class, and... more
    • I would appreciate a hand with this - Russell Drew [4th year, Cetus], Mon Apr 10 00:09
      It was one of Those days. Russell sighed and shook another Advil out of the bottle. On Those days, he woke up with a pounding headache for no clear reason. Headaches weren’t unfamiliar to him; when... more
      • Fortunately, I have two - Connor Farnon, Mon Apr 10 04:35
        Dressed in an olive polo shirt and khakis under his robes with shoelaces neatly tied in gray sneakers, Connor looked around the classroom uncomfortably. He was used to having classes with his younger ... more
        • Does that mean we each get one? - Russell, Mon Apr 10 18:51
          The younger boy was dressed pretty formal. Russell didn’t understand why some students always wore their robes to classes. Was it actually a part of the dress code? He couldn’t remember - well, he... more
    • But I have hands! - Marley Chapman [2nd year, Lyra], Sat Apr 8 19:18
      • And a head, shoulders, knees and toes - Dardanius Dubois [5th year Lyra], Thu Apr 13 07:57
        Being in a room with all the Spellwork students currently attending RMI caused Danny to wonder - not for the first time - what Professor McKindy had planned. There wasn’t a great deal of overlap of... more
        • And really, really big eyes - Marley, Fri Apr 14 02:11
          She didn't know Danny super well, and really not in a classroom setting at all, but she thought she knew him well enough from playing Quidditch together. Frankie worked them pretty hard in practices, ... more
          • All the better to see you with - Dardanius, Sat Apr 15 14:29
            Following his energetic partner, Dardanius was the second student to enter the wizarding space beyond the doorway, which sealed itself over the moment he was within its confines. “Yep, this seems... more
            • Will it help us make decisions, too? - Marley, Sun Apr 23 18:47
              Danny reassured her that the newly sealed doorway was nothing unexpected. At least, it would've been reassuring, if it weren't for the fact that Marley wasn't actually worried about it. They had... more
    • No fingernails, either - Claudia Dubois [2nd year Cetus], Sat Apr 8 13:55
      A school-wide spellwork class had caused Claudia sufficient anxiety that she had chewed the nail on every single finger on both hands right down. She was supremely disappointed in herself, and also... more
      • I can help with that - Camilla Baird, Mon Apr 10 19:13
        Since she has started her former magical education, Camilla had always been more than adept at the classes that required a wand, and she was proud of her proficiency. The Ceti knew she excelled at... more
        • With my fingernails? - Claudia, Tue Apr 11 14:40
          The girl in front of her was intimidatingly tall; she must be in sixth or seventh year, Claudia guessed. She was also familiar from the common room; unless Claudia was much mistaken, this girl as... more
          • Yes, yes I can. - Camilla, Thu Apr 13 19:53
            “I am Camilla,” she offered her name to the girl, she assumed, was Danny’s little sister. They did look somewhat alike. She smiled reassuringly since Claudia seemed to be out of sorts, nervous if you ... more
            • Show me how - Claudia, Fri Apr 14 11:41
              Her taller counterpart’s name was Camilla, and she acquiesced in selecting a doorway. Claudia followed her through it, her wand already drawn in anticipation, but the only surprise seemed to be a... more
              • Its involves meditation - Camilla, Sun Apr 16 22:24
                Things didn't seem to be going well for Claudia, and Camilla took a deep breath to calm herself from overreacting over a silly grade because a younger student seemed to losing her stuff. Her... more
                • Is fainting like meditating? - Claudia, Fri Apr 21 10:47
                  Her spell had apparently been in vain, because instead of looking at what had appeared on the paper and figuring out a way to get them both out of this hellish scenario, Camilla was putting her hand... more
    • Too bad I'm a handful - Ruben Lundqvist (5th year, Aquila), Sat Apr 8 03:46
      Sauntering down the hall, grey knapsack hanging off one shoulder, Ruben slipped into the lab with hardly a minute to spare before the official start-of-class. This was right in line with his usual... more
      • This is an interesting pair - Remington Burnham (Draco 1st Year), Sun Apr 9 18:17
        For some reason, the class structure at Rocky Mountain International wasn’t always consistent. In primary school, the different years didn’t combine like this. First grade was always with first... more
        • Not feeling too interested about this - Ruben, Mon Apr 10 14:38
          The first girl that he’d started walking towards had apparently no interest in working together, as she had pretty much taken one look and then ran away. Ruben found that possibly more amusing than... more
          • What if I made it sparkly? - Remington, Fri Apr 14 12:21
            The older student had a fun accent, which somehow made him seem less intimidating. It wasn’t a funny dialect, because no dialects were funny, but it took her attention away from the skull on his... more
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