Remington Burnham (Draco 1st Year)
This is an interesting pair
Sun Apr 9, 2017 18:17

For some reason, the class structure at Rocky Mountain International wasn’t always consistent. In primary school, the different years didn’t combine like this. First grade was always with first grade, fourth grade never worked with kindergarten, etc. The only times they ever mixed together was for very specific things, like that one time, when she was in second grade. Her class went to the morning preschool classroom and read to them for half an hour. It was so the older kids could practice their reading skills, and the little ones could practice their listening skills. So the overlap was brief, and it was never for the same content.

At RMI, the dark skinned girl had shared classes that only went up to third year, as well as an occasional class that only went up to fourth year. Today she was in a class that went all the way up to seventh years, which was strangely intimidating. Was this a normal thing, or was Professor McKindy feeling extra multi-task-y today?

Since everyone in the room looked some level of confused, she assumed it was the second option.

The first year played with a stray brown curl while Professor McKindy talked; with her free hand, she took very diligent notes. Her hair was already escaping the big blue bow holding it back. In the center were two overlapping crescent moons. Since she could never know for sure how physical classes would be in the practical lab, she wore the most casual outfit she had. It was still a dress – simple and black – but she wore space galaxy leggings so she could run around. She played with Saturn shaped bobby pins, dedicating herself fully to the space theme, but she didn’t have any space themed shoes. She mentally sighed in the direction of her yellow sneakers with butterflies on the top. She was so close to being matchy matchy. Maybe next time.

The normally cheerful girl frowned a little when it was pointed out that they wouldn’t be working with their age group. She knew she could learn something with an older student, but it was still a little intimidating! Hopefully a nice student would come talk to her. Dade had an older sister; maybe Remington could go find her--

"Do you have a partner already?"

Remington blinked her brown eyes up at the student, managing to make eye contact with him instead of with the huge skull on his shirt. He was dark and spikey and definitely not Dade’s sister. She couldn’t remember ever being in a class with him, so he had to be older than a fourth year.

“Um, no, definitely partnerless,” she said, sounded more confident in the presence of this dark spikey person, “I’m Remington. I’m a first year in Draco. I’m pretty good at Spellwork, I think.”

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    • This is an interesting pair - Remington Burnham (Draco 1st Year), Sun Apr 9 18:17
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          The older student had a fun accent, which somehow made him seem less intimidating. It wasn’t a funny dialect, because no dialects were funny, but it took her attention away from the skull on his... more
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