Connor Farnon
Fortunately, I have two
Mon Apr 10, 2017 04:35

Dressed in an olive polo shirt and khakis under his robes with shoelaces neatly tied in gray sneakers, Connor looked around the classroom uncomfortably. He was used to having classes with his younger brother, Dade, but he had not yet had classes with his older sister. Not that Connor was avoiding her but - well, okay, Connor was kind of avoiding her. Connor loved his sister, but he didn’t think she acted very appropriately in public and he was trying to maintain a good image at school. Not that it seemed to matter overly much to anybody except Claudia, but Connor did like Claudia and would like her to continue liking him. Of course, it did seem that Rose was friends with Claudia’s older brother, so it was possible that his friend had an opinion of his sister on her own, but if she didn’t, well, Connor thought it was best to avoid his sister in public anyway. It was clear that Dade didn’t feel that way, though; despite clear instructions for the younger years to separate from the upper years, Dade was at Rose’s side, waiting for the class to start. Connor sniffed and looked away, hazel eyes roaming the room. He briefly locked eyes with Marley before looking quickly away. Connor had managed to dodge his wild-haired yearmate since the party, thankfully, and he hoped to keep it that way.

Well, class started and Connor sighed as he listened to McKindy explain another one of his harebrained lessons. Connor had peripherally known that wandless magic was possible (what else would Animagi do if they turned into something without opposable thumbs, like a snake?) but had never thought about someone using it in his close proximity aside from his professors. The boy shifted, brushed brown hair across his forehead, looked around at the other side of the classroom. He had the entireity of the upper years to choose from to partner with, but other than Holland and Rose, Connor didn’t really know much about any of them. How was he supposed to make an informed decision? It wasn’t difficult to decide who to work with in his own yeargroup, but unless he wanted to work with Rose or Holland (he didn’t), it looked like it was luck of the draw.

McKindy instructed them to find partners and begin the assignment, and Connor stayed back as he examined his choices, then set out to approach an older boy who looked well-groomed. The room was crowded as people moved around and talked loudly, figuring out who was partnering with each other.

“Hello,” Connor said to the older boy, looking up. “Would you like to partner with me?” But the boy wasn’t paying attention. Connor tried louder. “Hello,” he said. “Would you - “ but he was cut off by someone else getting the upper-year student’s attention. Connor scowled as the student stepped behind another one, who was dressed in particularly unpleasant camouflage shorts. That was unfair. He had been there first! Connor stepped forward. “Hello,” he said, more loudly, and was about to continue his request when the student with the horrible pants - who was also wearing sunglasses, indoors - returned his greeting with one of his own. Oh no. No no no. Connor looked around, desperate for an escape, but didn’t see a way to disengage without looking particularly rude. Oh no. It was going to be another class where he had an unfortunate partner. No, there had to be another option.

“Hello,” Connor repeated weakly. “I was just -” but it looked like everyone else had mostly partnered up in the seconds he had taken to try and approach the student who had ignored him. Merlin, not again. “Wondering if you’d like to be my partner,” the Cetus finished, voice lacking any particular optimism. “I’m good at spellwork,” he added, perhaps needlessly.

  • I would appreciate a hand with this - Russell Drew [4th year, Cetus], Mon Apr 10 00:09
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    • Fortunately, I have two - Connor Farnon, Mon Apr 10 04:35
      • Does that mean we each get one? - Russell, Mon Apr 10 18:51
        The younger boy was dressed pretty formal. Russell didn’t understand why some students always wore their robes to classes. Was it actually a part of the dress code? He couldn’t remember - well, he... more
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