Dardanius Dubois [5th year Lyra]
Spoil sport
Sat Jan 21, 2017 07:05

Perched on a stool, his elbow on the workbench and chin in his palm, Dardanius was idly taking half-hearted notes on the class introduction. He did not volunteer to answer any of the questions, even though he knew the answers. To the chagrin of most of his professors (and the exasperation of his parents), Danny was perfectly adept, but equally lazy. He always applied sufficient effort to be better than most, but he rarely did his best. He was already achieving; why try harder?

Professor Jacobs was okay, especially as he didn't call students out or force them to speak up when they had much rather use beetle eyes as desktop projectiles. He had some weird ideas about classes sometimes - today was a prime example. Ear wiggling potion? Was that even a thing? At least the distilling process was new. Danny understood how it worked from previous references in their textbook and homework assignments, but he had never attempted the process.

At the instruction to pair up, Danny looked around automatically for one of his friends, but then the professor followed that instruction with, “Try and work with someone you haven't worked with before.” Spoil sport. Dardanius didn't know if there was anyone in the class he had never worked with before, but he supposed he ought to at least avoid the usual suspects.

Sighing, he reached across the bench and carefully moved the fractionating column and equipment so it was within easy reach. Danny always wore his uniform robes for potions, even though he really didn't like to wear grey, because the chance anything might spoil his other outfits was unusually high. Underneath he had on jeans and a pink t-shirt but they were almost entirely concealed for the lesson. His signature bright clothes might be absent, but his chestnut brown hair lay as untidily as ever on top of his head, so his physical appearance wasn't entirely unfamiliar. The fifth year looked up and glanced sideways at the person closest to him. “Partners?” He asked half-heartedly, not expecting them to turn him down.

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    • Spoil sport - Dardanius Dubois [5th year Lyra], Sat Jan 21 07:05
    • Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle - Marissa Kendrick (5th Year Aquila), Fri Jan 20 21:43
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      • I hope this isn't a dance class - Russell Drew [4th year, Cetus], Mon Jan 23 14:37
        In all honesty, Russell probably shouldn’t be taking Potions. He was confident in his ability to make the most of his limited vision, but confidence didn't always guarantee accuracy. Just yesterday... more
        • Marissa blinked her green eyes at the student, trying to place him. As one of the most social people at Rocky Mountain International, she tried her best to at least know everyone by name. Maybe a... more
          • Not for those of us less dance-y! - Russell , Tue Jan 24 00:37
            At the girl's reassurance that she didn’t have a partner, Russell backtracked once again, only this time not literally as he instead stepped forward. “Oh. Okay. Sounds good.” His eye twitched several ... more
            • Dance is just memorization! - Marissa, Sun Jan 29 11:38
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    • I have no interest in wiggling - Lucien Dubois [7th year, Draco], Wed Jan 18 20:50
      Having been rapping his fingers for the past three minutes (the first two had been spent reviewing his notes from last class), Lucien shot an automatic glare at their professor - sorry, "Rob" - as he ... more
      • I can wiggle for the both of us. - Armaan Bansal, [Lyra], Fri Jan 20 01:27
        Armaan sauntered down the hallway, fully aware he was running late to potions. If Rob bothered to ask him why he was late, he’d just say he ran into Professor Boot, but he doubted he’d need the... more
        • Only if it doesn't get in my way. - Lucien, Fri Jan 20 23:47
          Grumbling rude but barely-audible things in French under his breath, Lucien took several pieces of willow bark and began grinding it under his marble pestle while watching Armaan's disorganized... more
          • Only if you do all the work. - Armaan Bansal, [Aquila], Fri Feb 3 22:28
            So on the plus side, Lucien was taking charge of the potion leaving Armaan with little to do. Things were going according to plan. On the down side, Armaan was bored and hungry. Standing by the older ... more
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