Rose Farnon
I mean I guess my hands are free
Mon Apr 10, 2017 06:39

When Rose ran into Dade on her way to Spellwork, she know that McKindy was up to something. There was no normal reason for him to have a first year and a fifth year going to the same class, and although there might be a normal explanation (like upper years tutoring lower years for exams), it was McKindy. The man defied normal explanations as a general rule. Because of her friendship with Marissa, Rose spent more time than normal around McKindy, as well as the McKindy-Tennant children, but she wouldn’t say that she had a particularly special relationship with him. Mostly he was a cool teacher and she liked his class. Plus he was a great teacher for Animagus stuff; Rose was progressing much more quickly than she had anticipated from the research she had done. The Aquila was glad that they had that opportunity at RMI, since she would otherwise be giving it a go on her own, and that sounded dangerous.

She walked with Dade to the classroom, taking her place on the side of the room with the older students. Dade was disinclined to head over to the side of the room where the younger students stood, and Rose just shrugged at that. She played with her wand absentmindedly before tucking it in the pocket of the tan capris she had opted to wear with a form-fitting, shimmery olive v-neck. Looking over at the other side of the room, the fifth year saw with amusement that she was matching with Connor. Connor was looking mildly grumpy and seemed to be pointedly avoiding her and Dade, which made Rose roll her eyes slightly. Connor could be so stiff.

McKindy started the class, and she was following along perfectly fine until her wand exited her pocket with a jolt. Rose yelped, then glared at the professor for a moment. She didn’t mind having to do wandless magic - she was almost at grade proficiency with wandless magic, although if she was doing wandless nonverbal it dragged her abilities down considerably (although she could still do some useful things, per her duel with Ruben). Rose felt sorry for some of her less talented classmates for a moment before returning to the task at hand: finding a partner.

“Sorry bud, I can’t work with you,” she said, shooing Dade off. “Go make a new friend.” Dade looked at her somewhat sullenly. “Go!” Rose said, giving his shoulders a friendly shove. Her firstie brother ghosted away, presumably to find a suitable, older partner. Dade had barely left when a girl with braided hair and freckles came up to her with an enthusiastic greeting. Rose laughed. Although she wasn’t a particularly tall person, the nice thing about working with younger years was they were almost unilaterally shorter than her.

“Thanks,” the Aquila said, taking a moment so shove her own unruly blonde hair into a short, low ponytail. It objected, but Rose managed to wrestle a hairtie around it anyway. “I’d love to be your partner! My name is Rose,” she introduced herself. “And good job coming prepared, you never know what you’ll need in McKindy’s classes.”

  • Hold my butterbeer. I got this. - Teal Rosse [Draco, 2nd year], Mon Apr 10 05:58
    Classes at RMI were pretty weird, but Teal didn’t think a professor had ever had all the years all together all at once. What in Merlin’s name could Prof. Aaron be planning? This sounded like... more
    • I mean I guess my hands are free - Rose Farnon, Mon Apr 10 06:39
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