Not feeling too interested about this
Mon Apr 10, 2017 14:38

The first girl that he’d started walking towards had apparently no interest in working together, as she had pretty much taken one look and then ran away. Ruben found that possibly more amusing than he should have, but that wasn’t exactly a surprising reaction for him, either. His preferred aesthetic could be summarized as ‘tough’. In spite of this, other people didn’t actively run away from him very often. Nice change of pace, this was.

The next-closest younger student, also a girl, had either more restraint than the first or was less easily intimidated, because she not only stayed where she was but also accepted his roundabout offer to partner up. “Remington,” he repeated, sounding out the unfamiliar word carefully. It was a weird name, but it didn’t contain any sounds that were particularly hard to make with his accent, so he should be able to manage it fine. The sixteen-year-old sized her up. Fan, she was tiny. Ruben spent some time with kids, having a little Part-Brother, but of course he hadn’t seen Kalle since Christmas, and he didn’t have any interest in going after midgets to hang out with at school. There wasn’t any point in it. So, although he was used to feeling tall, he wasn’t used to feeling quite this tall.

“That is good,” he returned, pulling one hand out of his pocket to tuck his hair back behind his ear. “Confidence is important. I am excellent with a wand, but not as much without it. But probably can I direct you in what spells to use.” If Remington was as good as she thought she was, this might actually work out after all. He didn’t like having to be on the sidelines watching someone else do the work when he could do it just as well himself, and from that perspective this class was going to be extremely frustrating for him, but at least he could be involved somehow. Even if that would just mean correcting her pronunciation or wand-movements or whatever.

“My name is Ruben,” the blonde introduced himself. “Aquila, fifth year.” That wasn’t particularly relevant, in his opinion, because it was extremely obvious that they had a far enough gap in years to be working together for this assignment, but she had included that information so he felt he should return it. “Maybe we can try... that door.” Without waiting for approval (he was older and surely she would go along with him based on that alone), Ruben led the way to the door he had gestured at and pushed through the curtain, holding it to the side for Remington to enter behind him. The space was smaller than he expected, but they could manage.

  • This is an interesting pair - Remington Burnham (Draco 1st Year), Sun Apr 9 18:17
    For some reason, the class structure at Rocky Mountain International wasn’t always consistent. In primary school, the different years didn’t combine like this. First grade was always with first... more
    • Not feeling too interested about this - Ruben, Mon Apr 10 14:38
      • What if I made it sparkly? - Remington, Fri Apr 14 12:21
        The older student had a fun accent, which somehow made him seem less intimidating. It wasn’t a funny dialect, because no dialects were funny, but it took her attention away from the skull on his... more
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