Does that mean we each get one?
Mon Apr 10, 2017 18:51

The younger boy was dressed pretty formal. Russell didn’t understand why some students always wore their robes to classes. Was it actually a part of the dress code? He couldn’t remember - well, he couldn’t think at all right now because the space between his ears felt like it was slowly being pried apart by a metal wedge. Ugh. Regardless, most of the older students didn’t bother wearing robes, which made absolute sense because the sleeves and hems were flappy and just generally got in the way, and made it all the more baffling as to why so many of the younger students seemed to hang on to them.

Maybe the younger students were just weirdly universally uptight on the rules. Personally, Russell’s priorities were a little more inclined towards trying not to set himself on fire when leaning over a cauldron or be tangled around a broom during Quidditch practices or somehow get his over-eleven-inch wand stuck in his own sleeve while casting spells, but to each their own.

“Um, yeah, we can be partners,” Russell returned, his usual quiet tone sounding a little strained but otherwise lacking emotion. The bony teen winced and rubbed at his forehead again before glancing over the boy. He looked a little familiar, actually. “Are you... also in Cetus?” he ventured. “Think I’ve seen you around the commons before. I’m Russell, by the way.” As the lone fourth-year in Cetus, he’d lucked out and gotten a room to himself, and as the lone student who generally disliked the light of day, he’d naturally taken to holing up in said room for substantial lengths of time, especially on weekends. By necessity, he left periodically throughout the day to snag food from the Diner, and so was only really familiar with his housemates via passing by them in the commons.

“I’m usually pretty good-” great, actually, but he wasn’t the bragging type, mostly because obviously there were a lot of things he sucked at so why should he brag about things he didn’t suck at? “-but, well, I can’t do any wandless magic.” He fell silent a moment and then offered a shrug. “Sorry. Er, but I’m sure we’ll be fine, because I can... help you somehow, I guess, if you need it.” Gosh, this class was going to be weird. His head hurt too much to consider it for long, though. “D’you want to pick a door?” Russell offered hesitantly, hoping that the answer would be yes, because he was super not in the mood to make decisions right now (or ever) (but especially now).

  • Fortunately, I have two - Connor Farnon, Mon Apr 10 04:35
    Dressed in an olive polo shirt and khakis under his robes with shoelaces neatly tied in gray sneakers, Connor looked around the classroom uncomfortably. He was used to having classes with his younger ... more
    • Does that mean we each get one? - Russell, Mon Apr 10 18:51
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