Hunter Ioma
Maybe the Hands and Knobs are Behind the Door
Wed Apr 12, 2017 22:37

“So this is a little bit of an unusual lesson,”

Hunter perked up. An unusual lesson certainly sounded exciting. Well, any magic lesson sounded exciting, but an unusual one even more so.

“Today we’re going to be doing a paired lesson. That means everyone on the left side of the room will be paired with someone from the right side of the room.”

Hunter looked left towards the other side of the room. Seemed like a pretty strange way to split people up, but Hunter didn’t worry about that for long. Any way of splitting people up was a bit strange, he figured. Something did seem a little unusual, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

He didn’t have long to think about it before the professor spun his wand around and said a spell, pulling all the wands from the people on the other side of the room. Hunter’s hand reflexively covered the pocket holding his wand, though had it gone flying he would have been too late, and was very glad to be on this side of the room. He’d be useless in this class without his wand, it almost seemed to know what to do before he did. He was momentarily worried about the students who had lost their wands, but looking over again that side of the room seemed to be mostly upper years, and heard they had been working on wandless magic, so that was lucky!

Hunter paid rapt attention while Professor McKindy explained the lesson. Series of tasks, multiple solutions, some kids didn’t have wands, all sounded cool. Then the professor waved his wand again and summoned the wizard-ghost-space-doors. They were the coolest thing Hunter had seen yet. Literally ever, he was pretty sure.

“Go on, pair up!”

Hunter’s brain registered the “go do a thing” part of what professor McKindy said before the “find another human” part so he bolted directly for a door, eager to have a closer look. By crazy random happenstance he wound up at the same door as another human that was apparently Holland, who was cool. His brain chose this moment to tell him he had been instructed to work with an older student, so it was probably for the best. Hunter waved.

”Hey, ready to get started? Also, do you think the door leads into wizardspace or an invisible room?”

Hunter tilted his head and thought about it. It didn’t look like there were tiny invisible rooms behind the wizard-ghost-space-doors, but he supposed that would be the point of an invisible room, right? He could think of way to find out for sure, though.

“I’ll check!” He said, and dashed around the door as fast as he could. Once he was behind it he started randomly jumping up and down and spinning in circles and flailing his limbs out as far as he could, then staggered dizzily back around to the front of the door.

“I don’t think there’s a room or anything back there,” he panted out, then leaned against the door frame for a moment to catch his breath.

Or he meant to, anyway. Instead he leaned against the door. Which wasn’t really a problem or anything, but it fell open as he put his weight on it. Which also wasn't a problem or anything, but he did fall through it.

  • No doorknobs, either - Holland Keene [Lyra], Wed Apr 12 14:46
    When they were doing an all-years class, it was almost guaranteed that there would be a somewhat physical component to the activity. Professor McKindy in particular seemed to like to mix up the... more
    • Maybe the Hands and Knobs are Behind the Door - Hunter Ioma, Wed Apr 12 22:37
      • We could look there - Holland, Fri Apr 14 15:42
        Oh, it was Hunter. Holland liked Hunter well enough—in fact, they didn’t truly dislike any of the underclassmen—but he was very—well— Hunter . Holland was not entirely sure what they meant by that,... more
        • What's in the Box?! - Hunter Ioma, Fri Apr 14 21:33
          As Hunter tumbled through the ghost-space-wizard door, the first thing that got his attention was the size of the room on the other side. It wasn’t exactly large, but certainly not the... more
          • Looks like another puzzle to me - Holland, Sat Apr 15 19:02
            Hunter was unsurprisingly optimistic about doing a spell he couldn’t remember learning. The sixteen-year-old left Hunter to it and focused on the lock. They knew a bit about how locks worked; Monty... more
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