Dardanius Dubois [5th year Lyra]
And a head, shoulders, knees and toes
Thu Apr 13, 2017 07:57

Being in a room with all the Spellwork students currently attending RMI caused Danny to wonder - not for the first time - what Professor McKindy had planned. There wasn’t a great deal of overlap of the curriculum that managed to encompass every stage of learning, but at least this class was something a bit different, a little spark of irregularity in his normal routine. Such random occurrences were welcomed by Danny, who despised anything monotonous and predictable, but he could imagine that his sister, Claudia, was having a rough time coping with this turn of events. The fifth year turned his head to seek out his younger sibling, but on the way his attention was drawn by Ruben and Holland’s proximity. That was a development that didn’t sit easy with him yet; it wasn’t that he was opposed to it exactly, he just didn’t know enough about Ruben to be okay with him spending alone time with Holland. Danny liked to think he looked out for his friends, and Holland had been through enough adversity this year already.

As the Professor began to address the gathered mega-class, Dardanius was unable to continue further with this thought or any other whilst he listened to the instructions. Pairing up with one of the younger students was an interesting move; Danny knew barely any of the younger students and would like to think that he knew considerably more magic than they - ah. As his wand extracted itself from the pocket of his uniform robes, worn open over the fuchsia t-shirt and green-wash jeans he had selected that day, along with his green dragonhide boots, the Lyra understood the logic of pairing older with younger students. It seemed his advantage had been diminished considerably. He was one of the lucky upper years who had been practising wandless magic for the duration of the year in preparation for Animagus transformation, but his skills were limited, his success erratic. It would make for an interesting class. He could make no promises about not singeing first years.

McKindy enthusiastically invited them to pair up, and Danny did momentarily consider working with Claudia. Beyond lending him her transfiguration textbook so he could practise beginner spells nonverbally, they rarely engaged in academia together. He sought her out, and as he would have predicted, she was looking to him, obviously having already decided that he was her preferred partner for the class. Dardanius hesitated, because he doubted the professor would mind them working together, but he wasn’t certain. Claudia disappeared from his vision for a moment (avoiding Ruben, which struck Danny as ironic, considering his earlier musings), and found herself by Camilla instead. The fifth year relaxed; Claudia would be fine working with Camilla, he was sure. He attempted to convey this to his sister with a nod and a smile of encouragement before turning his attention to finding a partner for himself.

Marley, a Beater on the Lyra team, was helpfully just opposite. As she was about the only other student stood on that side of the room that Danny could claim to know a little (he knew who Rose’s brothers were, but nothing at all about them), she seemed a good choice for a partner - the second year apparently agreed as she was skipping over. Her enthusiastic greeting and a smile set an excellent precedence. “Hi Marley,” Danny grinned back. “Do you want to choose a doorway?” he gestured at the curtain-covered entrances that had appeared in the room with them.

  • But I have hands! - Marley Chapman [2nd year, Lyra], Sat Apr 8 19:18
    “I still can’t believe you, like, almost made a goal in the last match, that was just-- ooooh, hi !” Having just spotted Professor McKindy’s cat, Marley cut her conversation with Skylar short and... more
    • And a head, shoulders, knees and toes - Dardanius Dubois [5th year Lyra], Thu Apr 13 07:57
      • And really, really big eyes - Marley, Fri Apr 14 02:11
        She didn't know Danny super well, and really not in a classroom setting at all, but she thought she knew him well enough from playing Quidditch together. Frankie worked them pretty hard in practices, ... more
        • All the better to see you with - Dardanius, Sat Apr 15 14:29
          Following his energetic partner, Dardanius was the second student to enter the wizarding space beyond the doorway, which sealed itself over the moment he was within its confines. “Yep, this seems... more
          • Will it help us make decisions, too? - Marley, Sun Apr 23 18:47
            Danny reassured her that the newly sealed doorway was nothing unexpected. At least, it would've been reassuring, if it weren't for the fact that Marley wasn't actually worried about it. They had... more
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