Yes, yes I can.
Thu Apr 13, 2017 19:53

“I am Camilla,” she offered her name to the girl, she assumed, was Danny’s little sister. They did look somewhat alike. She smiled reassuringly since Claudia seemed to be out of sorts, nervous if you will, but the little girl looked cute in her outfit. If she was honest, Camilla sort of remember Claudia from the Cetus common room, but since she was younger than her she had never given her much attention before today. The older girl felt a bit underdressed with her pair of skinny jeans and black silk blouse in comparison to Claudia´s very well put together outfit. She even matched with the Cetus colors. She was adorable. It was only suiting she was Danny´s little sister.

The Older Ceti took a deep breath, she loved Spellwork, but this activity had to be duller than a textbook lecture. What had McKindy been thinking about? Camilla was fairly proud of her wand skills, and being paired with a tiny younger student wasn't her ideal class. The blonde was nice, but when it came to Spellwork, she didn't play games, especially since she was working towards being able to be an Animagus, or at least attempt it.

Camilla took a few steps towards the nearest doorway, entered it and waited for Claudia to accompany her. Once the younger girl joined her, Camilla looked around to find a table with seemingly blank parchments. What had Mckindy been thinking about? This class was crazy. The Older Ceti moved towards the table with the parchments to look at them a little bit closer. Camilla carefully passed a finger through it and found a rather weird texture to the touch. Maybe it was ink? But it wasn't visible.

“Claudia, do you know the spell to make things appear?” she asked the younger girl.

  • With my fingernails? - Claudia, Tue Apr 11 14:40
    The girl in front of her was intimidatingly tall; she must be in sixth or seventh year, Claudia guessed. She was also familiar from the common room; unless Claudia was much mistaken, this girl as... more
    • Yes, yes I can. - Camilla, Thu Apr 13 19:53
      • Show me how - Claudia, Fri Apr 14 11:41
        Her taller counterpart’s name was Camilla, and she acquiesced in selecting a doorway. Claudia followed her through it, her wand already drawn in anticipation, but the only surprise seemed to be a... more
        • Its involves meditation - Camilla, Sun Apr 16 22:24
          Things didn't seem to be going well for Claudia, and Camilla took a deep breath to calm herself from overreacting over a silly grade because a younger student seemed to losing her stuff. Her... more
          • Is fainting like meditating? - Claudia, Fri Apr 21 10:47
            Her spell had apparently been in vain, because instead of looking at what had appeared on the paper and figuring out a way to get them both out of this hellish scenario, Camilla was putting her hand... more
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