And really, really big eyes
Fri Apr 14, 2017 02:11

She didn't know Danny super well, and really not in a classroom setting at all, but she thought she knew him well enough from playing Quidditch together. Frankie worked them pretty hard in practices, so they had spent a lot of time on the pitch, at least, and that gave her the impression that Danny was a strong and fun but kind of relaxed type of person, which in turn gave her high hopes for their class today (and a bit of extra-jittery excitement that he had wanted to work with her, because wow!). Mum had always said that the way someone played sports or did whatever else they were especially good at could tell you a lot about how they were like in the other parts of their life.

In Marley's opinion, that had to be true, or at least it certainly was when applied to her, 'cause when she thought back after practices on how she had performed - characterized by an exuberant smashing of Bludgers that sometimes made her intended target but more often that not either hit something else or just careened crazily past the other players - she felt that it could quite easily be applied to herself, too. The dark-skinned girl was well aware of the level of excitement that she hauled around with her. That didn't necessarily mean that she was aware of how other people reacted to it, but she assumed it was positively since why wouldn't they appreciate it?

"Ooh, okay," she nodded agreeably, hair bouncing. Spinning around, she studied the row of doors. Marley wasn't sure how she could possibly decide which one was the best, but after a brief moment of staring at them, she realized that student pairs were already starting to pick their own doors, so their options were running out. Well, that made it easier, she supposed. "There!" she announced and, without really waiting for Danny, skipped over to a door with a sorta dark-purpley curtain, like really ripe grapes. This would be perfect, really. She'd had a small bunch of grapes with her breakfast, 'small' in this case meaning 'half the size of her head including her hair', and they had been so tasty! Seeing the curtain was a great reminder.

It also made her hungry, again, but she would deal with that later. Pushing through the curtain, she grinned at seeing the magicked space inside. Her reminded-memories reversed past grapes and landed on the home she shared with her mum. "This is so cool. My mum's trailer is charmed the same on the inside-- woah, is it supposed to do that?" This particular derailment occured as a result of seeing that the curtain behind Danny had been turned into a stone wall. Like, totally stone. Which in itself wasn't surprising because of course Professor McKindy could do that, he was awesome at magic stuff, but it was unexpected.

  • And a head, shoulders, knees and toes - Dardanius Dubois [5th year Lyra], Thu Apr 13 07:57
    Being in a room with all the Spellwork students currently attending RMI caused Danny to wonder - not for the first time - what Professor McKindy had planned. There wasn’t a great deal of overlap of... more
    • And really, really big eyes - Marley, Fri Apr 14 02:11
      • All the better to see you with - Dardanius, Sat Apr 15 14:29
        Following his energetic partner, Dardanius was the second student to enter the wizarding space beyond the doorway, which sealed itself over the moment he was within its confines. “Yep, this seems... more
        • Will it help us make decisions, too? - Marley, Sun Apr 23 18:47
          Danny reassured her that the newly sealed doorway was nothing unexpected. At least, it would've been reassuring, if it weren't for the fact that Marley wasn't actually worried about it. They had... more
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