Hunter Ioma
At Least We're All Blind Together
Wed Mar 15, 2017 23:16

As Hunter crept along the wall and continued watching the party, he started to feel acutely underdressed. Everyone was wearing like nice cool people clothes and he was just in khakis and and a t-shirt and his school robe which he almost never thought to take off after classes. With a single “oh well” sort of tilt of his head he decided it was whatever and go back to watching people having a good time.

As the first year crept a little further though, he encountered some other first years attached to the wall. He knew they were first years because he recognized them from orientation way back when, but they weren’t Lyras and so he never really picked up their names. And if he wanted to keep edging around the festivities, he’d have to detach himself from the wall. Quite a conundrum.

”The passageways are way bigger than I thought. Someone should really try to map them out.”

Hunter jolted to attention. This was a trap he was familiar with! This required action! Intervention! Salvation! Heroic derring-do!

Stepping away from the wall and in front of the two other first-years, Hunter flailed his arms in their direction and with eyes wide exclaimed loudly enough for them to hear over the music “Don’t do that! It's no good!”

He darted his head around quickly, then leaned in closer to them so he could speak a little more softly, glancing back and forth between the two. “They don’t like it when you map them.”

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    • At Least We're All Blind Together - Hunter Ioma, Wed Mar 15 23:16
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