Raja Nazari-Richards
You have to admit it's pretty perfect.
Thu Mar 16, 2017 00:37

His suit didn’t fit. Raja only had one, and it didn’t fit. He supposed that made sense, really, because it was the one his parents had bought for his baby sister’s Christening, and he’d grown quite a bit since then, but it was still annoying. Fortunately, he’d tried it on in advance of the party, which gave him time enough to get somebody to help. Marissa was his favorite older student, so she was the one he approached about helping with some magical size adjustments, and as expected, she was more than willing.

The real trick was finding the passageways. Aunt Estelle had told him about them at the beginning of the year, as well as advising him on three places to look. However, exactly zero of them had turned out true, and in fact, most attempts ended with him smacking into a wall. At midterm he asked his parents about them, and the initial teamwork denial of any such passageways had been disheartening for sure, until Dad got him aside later and given him a real answer about where to find them. He just wasn’t supposed to tell Mom that he knew, or if he did, at least pretend to have found them on his own.

Raja had investigated a few times before the party, just to make sure he wasn’t likely to get horribly, horribly lost, and it definitely helped. Vaguely knowing his way around was the only way he made it there on time, taking a teal rose from Marissa upon arrival. Now, it was just a hunch, but immediately looking at the flower and thinking about the color - it wasn’t blue or green, it was definitely teal - Raja had a pretty good idea about who he was going to be matched up with for the night. And that was fine.

He spotted Teal Rosse not far from him, and as he walked over, he heard her marvelling at the cleverness of her flower. The Aquila laughed. “I didn’t think about the rose/Rosse part,” he admitted, showing her his flower. “But I had a feeling about the teal bit. That’s pretty funny.” He looked at her under the hanging lights and felt a rush of… something. Nervousness, he thought, maybe? Teal was a second year, and while he’d just turned twelve, she might’ve already been thirteen. A teenager! With makeup! That was a little bit intimidating. Oh, gosh, he hoped she didn’t think he was just a stupid kid or something. Why he cared what she thought was a bit beyond his conscious thought process, other than the fact that he did somewhat consider her a friend. He hadn’t noticed girls yet. Right? Right.


  • Someone Thinks They're So Clever - Teal Rosse, Wed Mar 15 23:14
    When Teal found out there was a party in the Secret Passageways, the Draco thought she would die of excitement. And frustration. She'd been here a whole year and a half, and she STILL hadn't found... more
    • You have to admit it's pretty perfect. - Raja Nazari-Richards, Thu Mar 16 00:37
      • I agree completely - Teal, Sun Mar 19 03:24
        “Oh! Hi Raja!” Teal grinned, seeing that the younger boy held a blue-green rose. It seemed she was Raja’s date for the evening (or he was her date) (or they were each other’s dates). He looked quite... more
        • Glad to be agreed with - Raja, Tue Mar 21 02:59
          Raja had not predicted a giggle and a blush, but here he was, being giggled and blushed at. She was glad they got matched. He was, too. Raja hadn’t really made any definitive friends at RMI yet, most ... more
          • You're very agreeable - Teal, Sun Apr 9 04:34
            Teal was surprised and delighted when Raja offered her his arm. What a gentleman! He was such a classy guy. She wasn’t exactly sure how to take him up on this. He must have been really smooth as a... more
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