Luckily, I’m a people
Thu Mar 16, 2017 00:43

Holland was definitely listening to what Ruben was saying, even if they zoned out a little while he spoke. The accent was distracting. Picturing different styles of braids on him was also distracting, although they imagined different hairstyles on people they were talking to so often that it was just a background mental process.

The sixteen-year-old considered themself an amateur hairstylist, as they had been cutting and coloring their own hair since they were eleven. Because they wore their hair short and it grew fast, Holland couldn’t go from September to December without a haircut, and in their November of their first year they’d been so frustrated by its length that they’d taken a Severing Charm to it, with moderate success.

So far no one at RMI had let them really experiment except Marissa. After a number of attempts with a variety of products, they had eventually succeeded in temporarily uncurling the redhead’s curls with almost an entire bottle of a salon-grade magical hair relaxant. They’d had fun playing with different styles once Marissa’s hair was straight, but it was an expensive and time-intensive project. Meanwhile, Emmett wouldn’t even let Holland cut his hair, even though they were certain they could trim and style the underclassman’s hair to his liking in under five minutes.

Their brain had gone off on a tangent about how wearing your hair tightly in the same style every day was bad for both the follicles and the structure of the hair itself when they noticed Ruben had stopped talking, which meant it was their turn to speak. Right. Okay. Fortunately the conversation was still about hair, which was Holland’s third-most-preferred topic behind conspiracies and makeup but above experimental charms and clothing. “Your hair is really long for most guys, you could totally do cool hairstyles now. RMI doesn’t have a lot of rules about hair for the uniform,” Holland made an explanatory gesture at their own sparkly gold hair, “and the staff is lax about the dress code anyway.” Holland rarely bothered wearing robes to class anymore. Most professors just didn’t care.

Holland was fairly certain the staff would care about and somehow prevent students from leaving the school overnight, but they decided not to comment on that because Ruben then asked them to dance, which was a lot more interesting. “I’ll give it a shot,” said Holland, taking his offered hand. The fifth-year had little dance experience, but they liked social dancing when given the chance. They’d discovered that most teenagers had about the same level of dance moves across the board—with a few exceptions; purebloods knew formal partner dances, and dance-y people like Marissa and Nick showed off—so they weren’t especially self-conscious about their dance abilities.

They allowed Ruben to lead them to the dance floor. A fast song they thought they recognized was playing, and Holland matched their motions to the beat. “Armaan’s doing a great job with the music, don’t you think?” they said, raising their voice slightly to be heard. The sixth-year’s taste in music was compatible with Holland’s, and they’d enjoyed his musical selections so far.

  • I'm more of a people person - Ruben , Wed Mar 15 13:48
    Of course Ruben noticed Holland’s blush in response to his compliment. He was a good observer to begin with, and right now he’d been studying Holland with pretty keen admiration (hah, keen , like... more
    • Luckily, I’m a people - Holland, Thu Mar 16 00:43
      • Then we'll get on just fine - Ruben, Thu Mar 16 11:56
        “In that case, let me know if you have any ideas,” he told Holland. Ruben had noticed pretty quickly that the uniform RMI claimed to have was not closely followed, neither by students nor professors. ... more
        • I think we are - Holland, Sat Mar 18 18:35
          Holland had a lot of ideas, actually—including waterfall braids and two variations on braided top knots—but it didn’t seem like a good time to go into the finer points of hairstyles, so they just... more
          • I think I agree - Ruben, Sun Mar 19 13:27
            For the unenlightened, a common misconception: dudes in chains either didn’t have a sense of humour at all or it was a strange one. Ruben was somewhere in between this and the opposite of it. He... more
            • So what happens now? - Holland, Fri Mar 31 21:33
              Holland’s cheeks pinked slightly at the compliment, and they grinned reflexively. “Drama club, sort of.” They had been involved with the theater at RMI since their first year, and had consequently... more
              • Now, we slow it down a little - Ruben, Sat Apr 1 00:25
                Ruben was surprised by the change in pace with the party's soundtrack. To be fair, he hadn't done much partying of this style before and so couldn't really be sure that his expectations would like up ... more
                • I like the sound of that - Holland, Wed Apr 5 12:48
                  Ruben was a bit of a liar, because he said he wasn’t going to do anything interesting and then he put his hand on the small of their back, which Holland found a very interesting move. Well, all... more
                  • That's the reaction I was hoping for - Ruben, Thu Apr 6 00:12
                    He'd never been to a party hosted by Marissa before, obviously, so he didn't have much to compare it to. But it was decent, he supposed. Good decorations, good enough music. A pretty energetic crowd, ... more
                    • Were you hoping for this too? - Holland, Thu Apr 6 15:11
                      Ruben moved even closer, and then let go of their hands to touch Holland’s jawline, which sent a good-nervous quiver from their cheek down to their stomach. Holland was self-consciously certain their ... more
                      • One hundred percent - Ruben, Fri Apr 7 00:28
                        Barring the Thor amulet he never took off, thus wearing it with something resembling religious levels of dedication, Ruben wasn’t the religious type, not at all. However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t ... more
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