Hunter Ioma
Carried Away with... Horror?
Sat Jan 14, 2017 15:49

Hunter blinked slowly a couple of times as the raspberry hit him full in the face. The poltergeist didn’t seem the sort to actually want to tattle on them… he probably just wanted to see what he could get from them. Hunter had a lot of practice talking his way out of this sort of thing. He’d never tried it on anybody who could float, but that just made it sound more fun.

However, things started to happen very fast. The tall girl shouted, calling the poltergeist a ghost, even though he had just said he wasn’t. Then the wall next to him exploded and showered him with dust and then she scooped him up in her arms and ran like the dickens. He had absolutely no idea what “the dickens” was or what it ran like, but he was still pretty sure it applied in this instance.

Hunter had always been small for his age, and his larger friends and classmates had typically been able to carry him with relative ease. It had never happened in the most blinding dark he could imagine in hidden secret passageways in a school for magic while being chased by a mad poltergeist though, and that was pretty cool. He’d also never been carried by a girl before, but he didn’t see how that could possibly matter.

Then she dropped him which was just hilarious. He chuckled softly as he got to his feet and looked around. There was a little more light on this side of the wall-that-wasn’t-a-wall, and it looked like they were in some kind of classroom. Worth looking around at some point but not just now.

"What the hell were you thinking running straight at it, that's not how these sort of things go! Who even are you?"

Hunter perked up even further and grinned, putting out his hand and shaking hers, though she hadn’t offered it. “Hi! Hunter Ioma, nice to meet you! And sorry, I’ve never chased a poltergeist before. I’ll try to do better next time, but that was fun!”

He crept up to the wall-that-wasn’t-a-wall and listened carefully. He could hear the poltergeist hollering still, but only faintly, and it was getting fainter. And then it was gone. “Right now though I think we’d better get back to the dorm. The guy did say not to get caught. Wouldn’t want to mess up on the very first day! I think the poltergeist is gone now so we should probably just head back the way we came.”

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