I believe so, yes. Thank you!
Thu Mar 16, 2017 14:52

The Ceti enjoyed dancing - not that she was excellent at it, though - quite a bit. She couldn't suppress the excitement when Danny agreed to, at least, attempt it. Camilla had been hanging with Danny more since Marissa´s first party and little by little she had been realizing just how much of a good guy he actually was. The blonde couldn't remember any negative instances at the school where he had been involved, and that spoke wonders about the younger male. Dardanius Doubois was a gentleman through and through, though Camilla had no idea what had prompted his mom to name Dardanius. And if she was honest, the blonde had no problem whatsoever with his proximity.

Danny and her were close, close enough for the Ceti to notice how good he smelled. It was a mixture of soap and something she couldn't place, and she was drawn to it. It was a mix of peppermint and something woody. It suited Danny, it really did. It was nice to just breathe it in. “You smell nice,” she said without thinking and blushing a second later.

Due to the almost nonexistent height difference at the moment between the two and their proximity, Camilla´s face was close to his. Camilla couldn't place the song that was playing, but it was nice and slow enough for them to continue being close. She was not going to complain about that. Camilla could feel his warmth from their proximity which was actually amazing because the blonde was used to being cold all the time, but Danny was keeping her warm at the moment which prompted her to seek the warmth a bit more closely.

They were harmoniously dancing around, fully enjoying the moment when Danny interrupted her enjoyment with a question about Lucien. He eyes scanned the room quickly and landed on the upper year. For a brief second she scowled in his general direction, but as she remembered the details of their encounter, she threw her head backwards laughing. Even when she had ended up with detention it had been worth it. It took a few seconds for Camilla to regain composure.

“Yeah, he did,” her eyes were dancing with the hilariousness of the situation. “He was being a very big moron and assumed things he shouldn't with no proof whatsoever and sort of lost it,” she explained amused. “Sad thing was that a perfectly good bowl of yogurt and fruit was wasted on him.” Camilla had stormed off after Professor Hier had reprimanded her over the altercation, and once the anger had subsided she had realized just how hungry she was.

  • An excellent sentiment - Danny, Thu Mar 16 07:51
    She was giving him an escape, offering to chat instead. While tempted to take the opportunity, Danny had already spent one party chatting to Camilla when she would rather have been dancing; it wasn't ... more
    • I believe so, yes. Thank you! - Camilla, Thu Mar 16 14:52
      • So... drinks all round? - Danny, Thu Mar 16 16:11
        “You smell nice,” Camilla said, and, glancing at her, Dardanius would swear she was blushing, although the limited lighting made it impossible to be sure. As far as he could recall, nobody had ever... more
        • How about some shots? - Camilla, Thu Mar 16 19:55
          The main reason why Camilla preferred to stick to herself was because she had a mild anger problem, especially when people poked her to the point of explosion. The Ceti had become better at... more
          • Ladies' Choice - Danny, Sat Mar 18 19:07
            Camilla claimed to be getting better at loosening up. Dardanius felt he could make the same claim. He didn’t think he’d be hexing anyone any time soon (although neither would he rule anything out... more
            • Lady has made her choice... - Camilla, Mon Mar 20 02:11
              Camilla wasn't sure they could categorize what they had been doing for the past few minutes as dancing - they had been swaying back and forth, excitedly close together -, but she definitely had an... more
              • I respect her decision - Danny, Mon Mar 20 17:53
                A bit of swaying, a bit of stepping, some limited turning around, and Danny supposed it would have been difficult to really mess up his very basic approach to dancing. So even though he knew Camilla... more
                • I would not expect less from you - Camilla, Mon Mar 20 21:37
                  Kissing was a topic Camilla did not have much experience with - with the exception of a boy back home during their last summer vacations -, but she had enough experience to know that the second Danny ... more
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