How about some shots?
Thu Mar 16, 2017 19:55

The main reason why Camilla preferred to stick to herself was because she had a mild anger problem, especially when people poked her to the point of explosion. The Ceti had become better at controlling it through the years and the small bursts were very scarce. In fact, her burst with Lucien had been the first in years, and she was mildly proud of herself for containing most of her anger within her. How she had managed to do that, it was still a mystery to the blonde. Nevertheless, she had done well. Lucien had NOT been harmed in any physical way. His ego had been bruised, but that was about it. Camilla chuckled at the memory of his shriek. Her first detention ever had been worth it.

The blonde knew Danny was a friend with the prime focus on Lucien’s problem: Holland. She had heard all about the altercation or angry debate regarding pronouns and misgendering, and Lucien´s subsequent fallout with that group of friends. She had even heard about Lucien getting punched. Camilla had felt a bit bad for the upper-year if she was honest, but that feeling didn't last long. Lucien had apologized afterwards again, and Camilla had forgiven him but she was still a bit resentful. She still didn't know how or why Lucien had decided she was out to steal his girlfriend.

However, Camilla didn't really want to think about Lucien, especially not while dancing with Danny. There were far better topics to talk about than her altercation with Lucien and subsequent detention - which she absolutely hated doing.

Dancing with Danny was nice and he was doing a great job of moving them around. She would be dishonest if she said that she small crush she had been harboring over Danny hadn't exponentially grown in the last few minutes. She smiled at Danny, “I’m getting better at losing up a bit,” she quipped quite proud of herself. She was at a Blind Date Party dancing away with someone that wasn't her best friend, actually enjoying herself. “I have been told that having fun once in awhile is good for you,” she said with a laugh. It was quite clear that Camilla was comfortable in the position she was in, and she had no intention of moving just yet. Besides, she was sure Danny didn't want to move either. The Ceti felt free at the moment and she wanted to enjoy every second of it. She didn't know what might happen. Maybe focusing on the Now was better than being anxious over the future and the people that were around.

  • So... drinks all round? - Danny, Thu Mar 16 16:11
    “You smell nice,” Camilla said, and, glancing at her, Dardanius would swear she was blushing, although the limited lighting made it impossible to be sure. As far as he could recall, nobody had ever... more
    • How about some shots? - Camilla, Thu Mar 16 19:55
      • Ladies' Choice - Danny, Sat Mar 18 19:07
        Camilla claimed to be getting better at loosening up. Dardanius felt he could make the same claim. He didn’t think he’d be hexing anyone any time soon (although neither would he rule anything out... more
        • Lady has made her choice... - Camilla, Mon Mar 20 02:11
          Camilla wasn't sure they could categorize what they had been doing for the past few minutes as dancing - they had been swaying back and forth, excitedly close together -, but she definitely had an... more
          • I respect her decision - Danny, Mon Mar 20 17:53
            A bit of swaying, a bit of stepping, some limited turning around, and Danny supposed it would have been difficult to really mess up his very basic approach to dancing. So even though he knew Camilla... more
            • I would not expect less from you - Camilla, Mon Mar 20 21:37
              Kissing was a topic Camilla did not have much experience with - with the exception of a boy back home during their last summer vacations -, but she had enough experience to know that the second Danny ... more
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