I think we are
Sat Mar 18, 2017 18:35

Holland had a lot of ideas, actually—including waterfall braids and two variations on braided top knots—but it didn’t seem like a good time to go into the finer points of hairstyles, so they just said “Okay!” and held the rest of information back. Ruben didn’t seem like the sort who would want to talk about hair for too long. They’d had brief interactions with Ruben since the other fifth year transferred in after midterm, thanks to most professors’ penchants for partner work.

Holland and Ruben’s schedules overlapped in Spellwork, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Ancient Runes. At eight (eight and a half, really, since Animagus practice was sort of separate from Spellwork), Holland was taking more than the average amount of classes. It was frankly too many classes and they were still debating which to cut from their schedule next term. Holland had decided that either Cultural Studies or History of Magic had to go, but was still weighing the merits of the classes. They’d just about decided to drop Divination next year, with apologies to Kazimieras; it was most peripheral to their interests of their eight subjects. Kaz would probably still talk philosophy with them even if they weren’t in the class.

“I’d bet it was mostly Marissa,” said Holland, not unfairly. Armaan had definitely done the music; he was deejaying and Holland would’ve recognized his taste anyway, although he’d played a few love songs that Holland would have guessed were included at Marissa’s insistence. But the overall put-together-ness of the party had RMI’s patron saint of parties written all over it. There was no way Armaan had organized the food and drinks and decorations all on his own, unless he’d completely reworked his personality somehow.

Ruben interrupted whatever Holland was going to say next—the sentence suddenly evaporated from their mind—with a spin. And jazz hands. And laughing. Holland laughed too, surprised and a bit delighted by the sudden goofiness.

And then Ruben was holding their hands and a little bit closer than he had been, which was enough to make Holland feel sort of blushy again. They quickly glanced at the rest of the dance floor to see how other people were dancing. Danny was very close to Camilla even though it wasn’t a very slow song, and Marissa was dancing with Russell in a more tempo-appropriate way. “And then,” Holland continued, matching his shoulder-wiggle move, “we could do… this?” They brought both arms up and did a cross arm slide, moving theirs and Ruben’s left hands behind their respective heads and then letting go and stepping back so their hands could trail down each others’ arms. Holland caught Ruben’s left hand in their right and grinned back at him. Okay. Maybe they weren’t too bad at dancing.

  • Then we'll get on just fine - Ruben, Thu Mar 16 11:56
    “In that case, let me know if you have any ideas,” he told Holland. Ruben had noticed pretty quickly that the uniform RMI claimed to have was not closely followed, neither by students nor professors. ... more
    • I think we are - Holland, Sat Mar 18 18:35
      • I think I agree - Ruben, Sun Mar 19 13:27
        For the unenlightened, a common misconception: dudes in chains either didn’t have a sense of humour at all or it was a strange one. Ruben was somewhere in between this and the opposite of it. He... more
        • So what happens now? - Holland, Fri Mar 31 21:33
          Holland’s cheeks pinked slightly at the compliment, and they grinned reflexively. “Drama club, sort of.” They had been involved with the theater at RMI since their first year, and had consequently... more
          • Now, we slow it down a little - Ruben, Sat Apr 1 00:25
            Ruben was surprised by the change in pace with the party's soundtrack. To be fair, he hadn't done much partying of this style before and so couldn't really be sure that his expectations would like up ... more
            • I like the sound of that - Holland, Wed Apr 5 12:48
              Ruben was a bit of a liar, because he said he wasn’t going to do anything interesting and then he put his hand on the small of their back, which Holland found a very interesting move. Well, all... more
              • That's the reaction I was hoping for - Ruben, Thu Apr 6 00:12
                He'd never been to a party hosted by Marissa before, obviously, so he didn't have much to compare it to. But it was decent, he supposed. Good decorations, good enough music. A pretty energetic crowd, ... more
                • Were you hoping for this too? - Holland, Thu Apr 6 15:11
                  Ruben moved even closer, and then let go of their hands to touch Holland’s jawline, which sent a good-nervous quiver from their cheek down to their stomach. Holland was self-consciously certain their ... more
                  • One hundred percent - Ruben, Fri Apr 7 00:28
                    Barring the Thor amulet he never took off, thus wearing it with something resembling religious levels of dedication, Ruben wasn’t the religious type, not at all. However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t ... more
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