Ladies' Choice
Sat Mar 18, 2017 19:07

Camilla claimed to be getting better at loosening up. Dardanius felt he could make the same claim. He didn’t think he’d be hexing anyone any time soon (although neither would he rule anything out completely at this juncture), but at this point the previous week he hadn’t ever kissed anyone, and that had changed because his thought processes around the entire concept of kissing had become a lot more fluid; in short, he had loosened up. Admittedly, right that moment wasn’t actually the best time to be thinking about kissing Marissa, when he was holding Camilla close, dancing with her.

“I have been told that having fun once in awhile is good for you,” Camilla said, and maybe Danny was imagining it but he hadn’t ever seen her looking so relaxed. Apparently loosening up agreed with her. He tried his best to follow her example.

Alternating between periods of dry-throated distraction punctuated by flirtation, and more relaxed intervals that could accurately be categorised as loosening up and having fun, Danny made it though not just one, but two songs of dancing before the fifth year decided he had fulfilled his requirement for the time being. “I need a drink,” he said close to Camilla’s ear. A combination of dancing, talking, and inexplicable physiological reactions had rendered him quite thirsty.

Reticent to forgo the closeness they had been enjoying, Dardanius kept his hand in place on Camilla’s back as he guided her towards one of the refreshment tables. As usual, there was the real possibility that even the non-alcoholic drinks had been spiked a few minutes into the evening (although Danny had seen some younger students congregating too, so he hoped the older years had been more sensible on this occasion, but he wouldn’t trust it. Thankfully Claudia had shown no interest whatsoever in attending, so Danny didn’t have to use a proportion of his attention to check up on her; he could keep his whole focus on his date), therefore Danny reached for two sealed bottles of water. “Play it safe?” he asked, handing one bottle to Camilla, and finally releasing her so he could open his own bottle and take a swig.

“Okay, so you can be honest,” he smiled at her. “Was my dancing terrible?” He didn’t think it had gone too badly, but then he hadn’t attempted anything remotely out of the ordinary. Out of the corner of his eye he had seen Russell and Marissa executing some movements that could broadly be described as dancing, but he hadn’t watched them for long, not least because Camilla was smiling at him, and why would Danny want to look away from that? He would readily admit that he found her physically attractive, but it hadn’t been until this evening that he had entertained any thoughts for her that weren’t entirely platonic. They already got along together as friends, but the dancing and flirting and that dress had quickly combined to offer an entirely different perspective on the sixth year. Dardanius couldn’t help but wonder if somehow kissing Marissa had made him more susceptible to the notion of kissing in general. He certainly wouldn’t be opposed to kissing Camilla that evening, if that’s where they were headed. Unfortunately, Danny didn’t have much experience dating, either, so he wasn’t very confident in knowing what Camilla might deem appropriate. He had simply asked Marissa if she wanted to kiss, and they had done it, and it had been amazing. And yes, he definitely needed to stop thinking about kissing Marissa right now. If any time he ever thought about kissing a girl, he would always end up thinking about Marissa, that was going to become very problematic.

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    • Ladies' Choice - Danny, Sat Mar 18 19:07
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          • I would not expect less from you - Camilla, Mon Mar 20 21:37
            Kissing was a topic Camilla did not have much experience with - with the exception of a boy back home during their last summer vacations -, but she had enough experience to know that the second Danny ... more
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